Just the Little Things

30 01 2009

I remember saying in a past post that I love doing the little things to make someone smile. Its true. Shouldn’t we all be trying to make someone else’s day just a little bit better. You know, to give them a ray of sunshine in the storm. Plato said “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” We all have our trials in this world but we will never be given more than we can handle. but we can help each other out.

I remember in high school once I had gone to seminary and when we had gotten out I went to my car and randomly their was a note and a few tulips for me. The note said…

Dear Robin,
“education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; Easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.”
-Lord Brougham-
Just a thought. Stay Strong and be happy because that is what makes you the best. okay, now you must do something kind for someone passing the directions along, but you can’t tell them who you are.

This made me really happy. I like flowers like most girls do. but I took that and made up some goodies and put them in a box and delivered that to a few ppl. I remember doing two. one was to a guy in my church and I left it at his car and the other went to a girl in my band class and I left it in her locker. I never really heard what happened from there but it was still nice to do something for someone else images The other day I saw someone sitting by themselves. It was already getting near the end of sunday school so I chose to write a quick note to tell this person to have a wonderful day. He was so happy with it to the point that he wrote me a note back that evening saying how I brightened his day and how he thought I was awesome. The next day I had extra butterscotch chocolate rice krispy treats that my roommates didn’t need to eat so I put a few in a baggy and delivered them up to him with a note saying that he was amazing and to never forget. He got the biggest smile on his face and gave me a really good hug.

Another example of a story is back in November I was kinda having a rough day. I had gotten home from my evening class and was getting ready for Family Home Evening when their was a knock at the door. of course we yell come in and no one opened the door. I remember looking out the window and seeing someone in a red sweatshirt running away but I didn’t think anything of it. Lexie finally answered the door and sitting on the ground was my favorite flower (pink gerber daisy) and a note. the note said “Robin! I just thought a gorgeous girl needed a gorgeous flower. Have a great week.” It was so sweet. 2 weeks later I received another secret gift. This one was a baggy of cookies and a note that said that they were grateful to know me and to have a great thanksgiving break. Both of these were amazing to receive but I wish I knew who they were from.

I love being able to do things to make someone smile so I just want to challenge you to think of someone that may need a pick me up or just someone you want to thank for how much they have touched your life. here are a few ideas to get you going…
1. a smile
2. a thoughtful note
3. a compliment
4. doing the dishes or another chore
5. a treat
6. inviting them to do something with you
7. a quick visit and chat
8. let them know the little things they do that make you smile
9. Saying “I love you”



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