What? killer fish

31 01 2009

I just want to say that everything is going to be ok.  I have been good for a few days now and getting stronger.  Their is a reason for my trials even if I don’t want to believe it.

So last night I was set up on a blind date by Jarom.  It was a group blind date with my roommates.  Lizzy was with Jarom, Jessica with Tor, and me with Stephen.  The plan was to go to a Scandinavian night and then to make gingerbread houses at Stephen’s house.

So funny story, we never found the Scandinavian night.  We seriously drove around for like 45 minutes looking for the place.  so we gave up and went to Target to to get supplies for our houses.  Then to Stephen’s house.

our house

Pretty much Stephen and I had the best house.  It was definitely the biggest and the coolest looking.  We even stole supplies from the other couples.  It was great fun.  and I laughed so much.  Its been a big since I laughed like that so it was really good.

One thing you can’t see very well with our house is all of the killer fish.  we had fish eating other fish or children.  We even had a bear eating a sour patch kid.  We even have a little kid standing on top of the entire thing.

The Fish is eating another fish

The Fish is eating another fish

Then we watched Hook.  That is an amazing movie and a ton of fun to see again.

Pretty much it was a great evening.  I had a ton of fun.


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