Groundhog Festivities

3 02 2009

So I can pretty much tell you that it was the best groundhog day of my life.

It was a normal day for the most part.  Classes, homework, cleaning things up a bit, and Family Home Evening.  But I managed to not have to walk to campus for my evening class. Lizzy gave me a ride to class and then another roommate was on campus and gave me a ride home with her.big_bill_in_groundhog-731047

The fun part was after FHE.  Alicia and I packed up homework and went over to Adam’s house to watch the movie groundhog day with him and a few of his friends.  We also watched a bit of Monk.  that was pretty funny too.  I can honestly say I was pretty comfortable on the couch too.

Then Alicia and I decided to leave and let Adam sleep.  We decided we were hungry so we made a random stop to IHOP and got food.  How yummy is that.  I got chocolate chip pancakes.  It was a nice midnight meal.  However, their were a lot of creepy people there.  Like, no joke.  ask Alicia.  It was a ton of fun and great bonding experience just talking, doing homework, and making schedules for the next day.

ihopI just want to wish you all a Happy late Groundhog Day.  I am not happy for the 6 weeks of winter though.  I hate being cold.  Maybe we should kidnap the groundhog so he can’t tell us that winter will be forever long.  It’s  a plan.  Let’s do it.




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