A turn for the better

7 02 2009

so we will start with the not so cool stuff. I had a rough day on Wednesday. I was on three hours of sleep and had to do everything under the sun that day on campus. I had 4 hours of classes, 2 appointments, biology stuff. I had an hour break where I had to go home to get swim clothes for my class. i didn’t have it with me cuz I didn’t think I would be on campus that long so I got maybe half an hour at home before going to campus for class and came home to do a million more things. I cleaned up a good amount of the kitchen and took a shower and did laundry and everything else. I was really on edge and then a few girls from home decided that I wasn’t a good friend. Supposedly it was because I wasn’t there all the time when I was needed or something. And I was accused of not congratulating one girl on getting into Juliard. I swear i did. I remember having a conversation with her about it cuz I thought she was going for gym and I didn’t know they had gym there. sadly enough, she is going for dance. And then I was accused of being selfish and expecting everyone else to take care of me but I won’t help anyone else. It is so dumb. I am usually helping someone else and if I wasn’t there when they needed me it would have to mean that their was no way at all I could do it. I usually put things aside to help someone so it was out of my control if I was busy. But, both of the girls want nothing to do with me anymore

Yesterday, I knew they were talking about it with other people which was dumb. But I was doing ok for the most part. I had lunch with Becca, Alishia, and Kimi and took a good nap. Things weren’t getting any better with the girls that were upset with me and I was upset about the whole thing. then their was a knock at the door. It was my home teacher telling me he had extra tickets to the Draper Temple Open house that night and wanted to know if I wanted to go with them. It was what I needed right then for sure


I really enjoyed going to the draper temple. I had good company and it was just a great experience. The temple is absolutely beautiful and you peace you feel in there. Things are going to be ok.

Later on that night I was talking with an ex of mine. we were talking about fears and I told him that my greatest fear was disappointment. I then told him why. He decided that I have been through a lot in my life and made all of his problems look like nothing. I tole him that something I have learned through church was that we have a father in heaven that loves us and wants the best for us. He knows exactly what we need at this moment to grow and reach to him. Sure, everyone has different problems and some are harder than others but they are hard for us. we will never be tempted more than we can handle. After telling him that he said I was amazing and I was one of his heroes because of how I deal with things and the perspective I have on life. Bearing my testimony was amazing and it wasn’t scary at all. He was a friend that I felt needed to hear that right at that moment and who knows what will happen from there.




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13 02 2009
Katie Wyss

Why is it sad im not going for gym?? :-S I’m better at dance, i’ve been dancing for a longer period of time!!(: But how are you my dear? You haven’t written a new one in a while, this was last week love.

14 02 2009

You really need to update this honey. It has been like a whole week. And did you tell Zay(Isaiah), because he kept hugging me the next day at school after our convo..
Love you!

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