Happy Vday to Everyone

14 02 2009

Sorry, I have gotten a few complaints that I haven’t written in a bit.  It has been a busy week for sure.  I have had three tests, three papers, and a lesson to teach.  I got through it just fine but some things just had to be put onto the back burner during that time.  Oh, the internet is being dumb in my apartment right now too.  I am lucky right now because I found a wireless signal.  Usually I don’t have one.


So what did you all do for Valentines Day?  Here was my Valentines day weekend plans.

Last night our church ward attended a valentines dance at an old folks home.  we were supposed to dance with the older people but they also like watching the young people mingle so we did that also.  Not too many older people showed up and a ton of people from my apartment complex did.  I was asked to dance by both of my home teachers, Daniel and Levi, and then also Jason.  When I danced with Daniel he told me to ask his roommate (also daniel) to dance, so I did.  I also dared him to ask at least 5 girls to dance.  I don’t know if he followed through with it because he is pretty shy.  It was a lot of fun though and all of the older people there were way cute.
This morning I went with Alicia to her ballet class that she teaches.  She slightly tore her MCL yesterday in her jazz class so she could drive and she was teaching while sitting in a chair.  It was a little bit frustrating for her but she still did a good job in my opinion.  Those girls really love her.  I wrote a whole paper in the time that I was sitting there so that was exciting.

We then went to Ashley’s bridal shower in Saratoga Springs.  Thank goodness the snow had finally let up a bit.  I am used to driving in a small town so driving in Utah County is intense and you add snow on top of that, not cool at all.  But we got good food at the shower and Ashley was way adorable.  I am super excited for her and Jared to get married in a month.

When I got home I delivered cookies to all of the girls in relief society with us.  Alicia and I made them last night and one of the other girls in the compassionate service committee delivered them with me.

Tonight Alicia and I had our date (her boy is out of town and I don’t have a boy at all so we were each other’s dates)  We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and then went to the international folk dance ensamble concert at the Covey Art Center.  It was really cool.


now I am home and ready for bed.  It has been a busy day.

I wish you all a happy rest of Valentines Day and weekend.  No school on Monday for us.  I am super excited




2 responses

25 02 2009

Hey! How are you. Mom just appeared aout of no where because that is how I sign Laura’s blog maybe. This is really me Aunt Sherry. Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

25 02 2009

yea, I figured that out already but thanks for reminding me. I don´t think my mom reads my blog yet. I should also have a good day tomorrow. I get to see your wonderful daughters and Laura sent us a little present that we also get to open tomorrow.

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