Movie Frenzy

15 02 2009

So I really like movies.  Its true.

Since Alicia is hurt a number of movies have been playing.  I know she watched Princess Diaries on Friday night.  I didn’t get to watch it and it was on tv so if anyone has it, let me know.  I know she has also watched Hairspray and August Rush.  I don’t know what else.

I watched Odd Girl Out Friday night.  It was pretty good.  It is about girls in high school and how they bully each other.  To a point, it was sad cuz their was a girl who was popular but her friends went against her.  It was sad in a way because she really was a cute girl that had a lot to offer the world.  It is her journey through school and finding who her real friends are and who she is.

We went over to apartment 28 tonight to get movies because we decided not to watch any of ours.  We got Spiderwick Chronicles, The Last Mimzy, and a rollerblading movie.  (Daniel, if you read this, two of those are yours.  We will bring them back by Tuesday.)  We are currently watching Spiderwick chronicles.

We also have Maid in Manhattan from Adam and Alicia has Mama Mia for us too.

Do you guys have other suggestions of good movies?  I have netflix so I get movies every once in awhile from it.  I really like most type of movies except for scary movies.  I will watch them if I have someone to cuddle with. *wink wink*




One response

19 02 2009

first off, it’s “Little Manhattan” not “Maid in Manhattan.” just to clarify. 😉 i also watched The Office, 30 Rock, Dollhouse, and…. the other movies you mentioned. 😉 Love you!

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