Tribute to Jessica

20 02 2009

I miss my Jessica!


I am sharing the story from how I know it…
A year ago on February 11th Jessica overdosed on pills and alcohol.  She went to the hospital and was life flighted to Portland on February 14th.  She was in a coma and was breathing on her own.  however, that part of her brain that made her who she was was no longer functioning.  therefore, on February 21st she was taken off life support and she passed away later that evening.

I had been friends with Jessica for a couple of years.  She and I were both in band together.  We were definitely some of the most gullible people in the class so it was entertaining.  I loved seeing her smile.  She was way cute and super funny.

I remember my last day of high school.  Jessica and Rebecca were skipping class to wait for Keeley and me to get to school.  When I pulled up, they were right at my parking spot with a bouquet of dyed daisies.  They got down on one knee and gave them to me and told me how good of a friend I had been.  I had been there when they needed a friend and I kept them from doing a lot of stupid things.

Even though I left for college, Jessica knew she could still call me.  We had a friend that screwing up her reputation and Jessica called me to talk to this girl.  I know that had to have been hard for her but things got better.

The last time I ever saw Jessica was during Christmas break last year.  I visited the high school and I ran into her at her locker.  I told her not to skip band that day because I was going to come visit.  Sadly, my mom wanted to go out for lunch so I never visited band.

It hurts that the last time I talked to her was a time I didn’t follow through on what I said I was going to do.  Ever since then I have done the best job that I can to be a good friend.  I don’t want the pain that I wasn’t there when someone needed me.  It hurts.

However, Jessica would want us to be happy.  She was a good friend to everyone that she cared about and had a wonderful spirit about her.  I think we could all use her example and try to better ourselves.

Whenever I am home and need to be alone and cry I go to Jessica’s grave.  I am comfortable enough to cry and just talk to her.  I want to believe that she is watching us and can hear me.  I miss her and I love her.

The day that she was pulled off of life support, her parents wrote to everyone.  This is what was said.

Last night was very difficult for Jessica. Some very difficult decisions had to be made by her family as to what kind of life Jessica would want for herself. The part of Jessica’s brain that makes Jessica who she is, no longer exists. Jessica would never be able to say “Hi!” or to even bring her hand to her face to brush back her hair. Keeping Jessica on the machines was becoming selfish of us as her family in wanting to keep her with us. Jessica would not want any of you to remember her this way. She would want you to remember how friendly, funny and beautiful she was. We were blessed to have her in our lives for the time that we did. God gave us a beautiful gift but now he wants her back. This is the hardest thing for a mother, father, brother, grandmother, etc. to decide and to deal with.

To all the kids:

You are all young and beautiful kids. You have so much to live for. College, marriage, family, grandkids….everything. We know that you all love her very much and it is very difficult for us to take away all of your hope. Just remember Jessica and how much life she had in her. You all are perfect and amazing in your own way. Don’t ever give up! Life always gets better!!

To our family:

Thank you for your prayers and support. Keep the prayers coming. We want to make sure Jessica goes straight to Jesus and sees His beautiful face. Keep praying that she can sit on that cloud in Heaven and drink mocha frappachino’s and chew on tootsie rolls. Let her run to the light and not hesitate. Give her peace.

To everyone else:

Thank you for your support and prayers. We still need them. Jessica has brothers and sisters that still need prayers. Nobody understands why this happened, especially to Jessica. Hold your children close and tell them you love them every day. Hug them every day. Make sure they understand how important they are to you. Tell them how special they are….

We would never wish this on any other child or family. This is the hardest thing we have ever had to do.

Another thing to read up on the story is the news article from the Eastern Oregonian.  The page is






One response

21 02 2009
Katie Wyss

i miss jess, way way too much. i cried reading this…i really just cant take it much anymore.

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