A Good Mood

24 02 2009

I am just in a super good mood right now.

I went to class this morning and stayed after to talk with the teacher about fixing the problem with my paper.  I had turned it in with plenty of time to spare.  However blackboard decided not to work and my paper wasnt in with the rest of the papers.  I am really happy that the teacher believed me because it was the first time that I have not procrastinated.  I am seriously that bad with procrastinating.

The sun was also out so that is really nice.  I really like the sunlight and the warmth.  That makes me really happy.


I also got a really nice compliment today.  I was pretty much told to that I just glow when I smile with my blue eyes and everything.  That was totally really sweet and I was excited to get a nice compliment.

After my doctor’s appointment I was walking home and chose to stop and get an ice cream cone.  I really like ice cream so that was nice to get myself a cone with peanut butter cup ice cream.


Now I am home and waiting for Alicia to come home and we will watch Veronica Mars.  I really like the show and it is fun watching it with Alicia as a roommate deal cuz she got them from her boyfriend but he has already watched them all so we are watching them together instead.

So that is my day so far.  I am in a good mood so you all better not try to ruin it.  I like being happy.




One response

24 02 2009

I definitely like you happy too!! AND veronica mars is the best thing to happen to us don’t ya think? I love it. 🙂

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