A Coincidence?

1 03 2009

How can a boy of 14 years old make up a story like this.  He honestly wanted to know the truth of what church to join?  I honestly don’t see why if he wanted to know which was true he would decide they were all wrong.  He was 14 at this time.  I am now 20 and still don’t have the same strength as he did.

I am extremely grateful for Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  Joseph followed what he knew was right.  He received ridicule constantly and he never denyed what he saw.  If he was lying why would he let other people be murdered or be moved from place to place.  It is too much for a person to go through but they did it because they knew the truth and that was all that mattered.

I try to draw strength from this because I may not be run out of town or be threatened with my life because of what I put my faith in but people do make comments that can be hurtful.  I once had a teacher that used to laugh at me daily for what I believed.  I easily could have forgotten it all but I chose to stand as a witness of God and I tried to be strong.  I chose to draw close to Christ and do my best to be an example to those around me.  One day I was being taunted by the teacher and I had already been upset so I was pushed over the edge and I started crying.  Finally someone else in the class chose to stand up for me because they saw the pain I was in and they understood that the teacher was out of place.  I still have trials but I can stay strong in what I believe and I am grateful that Joseph was such a great example of this to me.

I want you all to think about what you believe and to what extent you believe it.  Are you willing to give up everything or will you give in to those around because times get tough.  I wish you all to find in what you believe and that you won’t give up on it.  I hope you will stand strong no matter what.




One response

3 03 2009

It’s funny. People think we are stupid for believing what we believe or maybe I should say for having such blind faith. But what they don’t realize is that we think about the things we believe in like crazy. We have doubts, there are moments when we wonder if it’s all worth it. Joseph Smith is the perfect example of this and I love it. He KNEW it was true. If he had made it all up he would have said so! So much happened to him, he wasn’t just run out of town he was in cruel dungeons for months and his life was severely threatened to the point where he was murdered. Why would ANYONE continue to say that a book was true in those situations if it wasn’t. Especially someone as level headed as Joseph. I agree Robin. We all need to find what we believe in and don’t give up on it. We need to completely trust in it no matter what because we know it’s true. I’m glad you don’t want to deny that truth you know and I never plan to either! Great post!

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