Allie’s Pyscology Test

5 03 2009

Tonight I went to my old roommate’s apartment to have dinner with some of the gals from last year.  It was a ton of fun chatting with them and catching up.  Allie did a little pyscology test thing on me.  It was kinda entertaining.  She would tell me a scenerio and I would desribe it.

Allie– so you are on a path, describe the path…
Me– the path is in a park.  you know, like a cement path with grass and trees on the side.
Allie– you see a little twig on the path. What does it look like and what do you do?
Me– it is just a twig, like normal, and I just walk past it.
Allie– You see a log on the path, what does it look like and what do you do?
Me– it is a big log with bark coming off it and I still jump over it and move on.
Allie– You come up to a fork, what way do you go and why?
Me– I take whatever way is the easiest.
Allie– you come up to a bear, what do you do?
Me– I get all big and make noise to make my presence known and scare it.
Allie– you come up to a wall, what does it look like and what do you do?
Me– it is a stone wall and I just turn around and go the other way.  Maybe find that bear again.
Allie– (after laughing a bunch) their are noises on the other side of the wall.  what do they say or what do you do?
Me– they are talking to each other and I eavesdrop

So now for the analyzing.

  • The path is how I see life.  I think it is pretty and their is a defined way I need to go through life.
  • The little twig is the small challenges in my life.  I just don’t notice and go right by.
  • The log is the big challenges in my life.   the bark coming off the tree is saying that it is more difficult because their are more places for me to trip up.  but I still get past it (I am a tough cookie I guess)
  • The fork in the road is my political view.  I really don’t have a preference and just go for whatever is the best.
  • The bear is what I think of the opposite sex.  I get myself to be noticed and flirt it up and then at the same time I am scared so I push them away (I totally see this one as true)
  • The wall is how I see death.  It is there but I’m not ready for it so I just turn around and go find a man instead (bear)
  • The voices is how I see life after death.  I am not ready to participate with them but I still want to know and understand.

So tell me what you all think about this.  Like if it matches me or whatever.  I was entertained by it at least.




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