Happy Weekend

9 03 2009

So I had an amazing weekend.  Like I am still super happy about everything.  So here is my story…


  • Sam got his wisdom teeth out so we pretty much babysat him and he was so funny the entire time thanks to the drugs.
  • I made a red velvet cake.
  • I was really bored and Andrew asked me to see Letters to Iwo Jima with him and Kristine.
  • Then I went to Andrew’s apartment and watched TV.  When I was leaving he asked me on a date for the next evening.


  • I chilled at the apartment for morning and afternoon.
  • I went mini golfing for my roommate’s birthday.
  • I came home and got ready really fast for my date.  I had an hour to get ready and finish up the cakes for Alicia’s birthday party that evening.
  • The date was so much fun.  I will put in the story at the end so I don’t write a ton in my list.


  • Sacrament meeting was good.  I was spoken of highly in Mindy’s talk and that made me happy.
  • Andrew sat with me in Sunday School.
  • I watched Veronica Mars with Alicia.
  • I got a number of compliments throughout the day on how happy I looked.

So now I’m sure you want the date story.  First of all, as far as I know, Andrew doesn’t read my blog so I will outright say right now that I am interested in him.  If he reads this, then on well.  He will know.  So he was super sweet the entire time.  I didn’t know when he was going to get me cuz I knew he got off of work around six and the game was at seven.  so I called him and asked when he wanted me.  He replyed with “I always want you”  That made me smile even if it was a flirty thing.  He came to get me and it was a group date with a few of his roommates.  Paul went with Diane and then Jared had his girlfriend, Robyn.  We all went to the basketball game up on campus.  Because it was the last home game, it was sold out.  Their were a ton of people up there so Andrew told me to not lose him but if I needed to I could hold his hand.  I chose to be a good girl and not hold his hand on a first date.  The game was intense.  I swear the boys couldn’t throw any three pointers at all.  Andrew laughed at me a bunch because I would yell things, like eat their face.  After the game we went for ice cream at SubZero.  That was really good ice cream.  Like they make it right in front of you with liquid nitrogen.  He then brought me home but told me how happy he was to have me as a friend and how fun I was.  At the door I also told him sorry for not getting to hold my hand but he could always try again another time.  So that kinda tells him that I am interested in another date someday but I am still being me.

The next day at church for Sunday school I had beaten him in and I was sitting in the middle.  Alicia was on one side of me and two open seats on the other side of me.  Andrew had walked in right behind two of my roommates and he went past them to be in my row when they also turned there.  He turned around and he commented on how he knew what they were thinking.  Lizzy responded with “Don’t worry, we weren’t going to sit with her.  We were going next to Kevin”  I guess he got really excited and then came to sit by me.




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