A Funny Story

15 03 2009

So I was just laying in bed thinking and I remembered this story from last summer.

For like a week our laundry room kept getting screwed up.  This room is adjacent to the outside and we usually keep our cats in there at night cuz it is the best place to keep the litter box and there food because they constantly knock over their water.  Anyways, a few of the things that were happening were that things were getting knocked off the shelves and all of the cat food was eaten faster than normal.  The worst was the smell.  It took us awhile to figure out what the smell was but their was poop smeared everywhere behind the washer and dryer.  Good thing I was at work when my mom figured this out so I didn’t have to help clean it up.  I was gagging every time I was in that room.  We didn’t know what was going on because the cats usually were smart enough to get rid of their wastes in the litter box and they never smeared it around (Rosebud and Paddington are pretty lazy)

One day I decided to have friends over to hang out cuz I had the day off and I was cleaning up the house.  I had picked up some papers and was taking them to the recycle in the laundry room.  For some reason I looked inside the paper recycling bin and saw a possum.  I started screaming and ran into the kitchen yelling for my mom.  She came down to ask what in the world was going on cuz I don’t scream that often (ask my roommates, I don’t scream) but I told my mom and she asked me if I closed the door to the laundry room.  Sadly, I didn’t think to do that.  Thank goodness it was the middle of the day so the possum was asleep.

Now what do you do when you find a possum in your house?  My mom grabbed a cookie sheet and placed it on top of the recycling bin and went out to the backyard.  She then realized it wouldn’t be a very bright idea to let it out in the backyard.  Well, lucky for us, the Umatilla River is a block away.  Neither one of us wanted to take it down there so I took out my phone and called Leidon.  He is a neighbor boy that is always at our house.  I didn’t tell him what was up.  Just that he needed to get to our house now.  He tried getting out of it cuz his friend, Jacob, was over.  Finally I convinced him to stop playing video games for just a minute.  As soon as he and Jacob showed up and figured out what was going on he got really excited and wanted to see the possum.  we made them take it down to the river.  When they got back Leidon pretended that the possum didn’t leave and threw the recycling bin at us.  Not funny.

So that is my funny story of finding a possum in my house last summer.





2 responses

15 03 2009

This was so Lieden that I had to laugh. 😀

15 03 2009

its so true. I’m afraid you know too well what I am talking about. I called earlier today and he was at my house (again)

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