As the Weekend Comes to an End

16 03 2009

It wasn’t that eventful of a weekend.


  • I went with Alicia to her hair appointment and then went grocery shopping and through the car wash with her
  • Visited with Levi and Jarom (Levi gave me Jones Soda)
  • Watched Big Bang Theory
  • Went to the Adult Session of Stake Conference
  • Watched Veronica Mars with Alicia and Adam


  • Slept in but got woken up by noisy roommates multiple times
  • Made pecan caramel cheesecake with Alicia
  • Alicia and I cleaned the apartment.  Like seriously we moved the couches and vacuumed under them.  We also did laundry.
  • I fixed the ironing board (for those that don’t know, the knob thing came out and the ironing board wouldn’t fold down.  Adam, Jessica, and Alicia spent forever dealing with it and I got it down in like 2 minutes)
  • Alicia and I finished season 2 of Veronica Mars.  I can’t believe everything was Beaver’s fault.
  • Made Quiche
  • Went to Ballet Showcase to see Alicia’s choreographing.  Pretty much amazing.
  • Alicia’s family came over for cheesecake.
  • Adam, Alicia, and I watched Big Bang Theory


  • woke up not feeling well (bad dream that night really left me feeling unsettle)
  • It was my sister’s 18th birthday so I called home
  • went to visit apartment 34 and visited with Nate for awhile.  He is a total sweetheart for sure.
  • Watched the Last Mimzy
  • Did my toe nails
  • Went to Ward Prayer
  • Chatted with Rosalinda

According to this I did a lot but I spent a lot of time being bored.

For all of you that might already know, I missed a test in “Intro to Family Processes” cuz I didn’t know their was a time deadline so I missed it by a few hours.  I was really scared to email the teacher because of the fact that I failed the class last year thanks to having 2 friends pass away within 2 weeks of each other and I coped by throwing myself into work. (not smart) however, I finally emailed the teacher and he is allowing me to take the test without any points being docked off.  I am so excited about that.




One response

18 03 2009

Good luck with your test if you haven’t already taken it.

I would love some of your cheesecake and quiche … I will have to come visit some time!

And make sure you enter the giveaway on my blog, too 🙂 !!

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