So Someone is Super Cute

24 03 2009

So I have kinda been down for the last couple days but I had reason to be excited tonight.  My cousins and I went to Tucanos Brazilian Grill for dinner.  I guess it was college night so we got dinner for lunch price (amazing deal). For those of you that don’t know what Tucanos is, it is a restaurant that gives you all you can eat salad bar and meat.  The meat is on swords and the servers walk around and cut off pieces of whatever you want.  The teriaki and garlic sirloin are amazing.  I also love the grilled pineapple.

So our host guy was really cute and nice.  I chose to leave my phone number with the check.  That definitely wasn’t something I would normally do but I chose to go out on a limb and do something new.  I am not expecting anything but I was still cute.

I am so dang full right now and any movement hurts.  I’m not joking.  When you go to Tucans you gotta eat your fill.




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