Study Abroad or No Study Abroad

28 03 2009

So here is a big decision to make.  I am thinking about doing a study abroad program in New Zealand.  This certain program is mostly offered to my major, recreational management and youth leadership.


The program is January 11-April 9th, 2010 and it would cost about $5,200.  That includes tuition, room and board, equipment, and transportation in New Zealand.  I would have to pay my own way there though.

The classes they would offer are…
religious studies in a world setting
strengthening home and family
Family Recreation
Outdoor Skills (choose up to three out of backpacking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, surfing, and climbing)
Practicum (up to three hours)


Positive Points

  • I think it would be amazing to go backpacking through New Zealand.  Also surfing and climbing.  I would be a tough gal by the time I came back and then lifeguard.  Just imagine that tan.
  • I would also be able to get away from the snow because it will be winter up here and it will be summer down there.
  • Imagine all of the cute boys down there.
  • It is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

Negative Points

  • Being away from friends and family where I can’t keep in touch with them as easily
  • The expense won’t be that much fun to pay.

So I guess, what are you thinking about it.  I will talk to my family tomorrow and see what they think and then make a decision for myself.





One response

30 03 2009

It sounds like you really want to go. You have many more positive points than negative. I think it will be amazing for you! (And I want you to send me pictures 😉 ) I hope you go! I think it will be an amazing experience that will help you grow and that you will never regret! But yeah, talk to your family, etc. Good luck!

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