So a quick post about the weekend

30 03 2009

It was a decent weekend.  Really tired though.


  • Took Alicia her lunch because she forgot it here at home
  • Took my BIO 100 test and did better than I thought I would do.
  • Had Enchiladas over at Kevin’s apartment
  • Fixed my music on my computer and made playlists and everything


  • Went to Marissa’s Bridal Shower.  She will be a beautiful bride.  No joke
  • Went to Walmart with Alicia
  • Alicia and I dyed our hair.  I put highlights into her hair and we dyed mine blonde because throughout winter my hair has darkened a bit and it is now a lot more even.
  • We painted our nails while watching Veronica Mars


  • Had church in the morning and we had an entertaining lesson about courtship.
  • Took a long nap
  • Got a text from a person I really didn’t expect to hear from
  • made cake balls for munch and mingle

I was really happy with how munch and mingle turned out.  Munch and Mingle is after ward prayer and so everyone is invited to go to different apartments and have treats.  I was told I did a wonderful job with it so yay.

My nose currently hurts.  Jarom went to give my roommate a hug and I was right behind her and got hit in the nose.  It feels like it is bruised but I didn’t see anything.  oh well.  It is still a funny story




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30 03 2009

Glad you made the cake balls and I hope everyone enjoyed them. 🙂

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