Seriously, the Craziest Week Ever

6 04 2009

Sorry I haven’t written in like a week.  It has been an insane week for me.  Like it doesn’t sound like that much when I say I had a term paper due, a presentation to give and a final but it was all a lot of work.  I will give a few highlights…

  • On Monday, we dyed easter eggs for FHE.  That was fun.
  • I got one april fools joke played on me.  Sarah and Alyssa came up to tell us that Krista was engaged.  Sure, I should have known but wasn’t thinking.  I knew she was kinda dating a guy but when I had talked to her, she was still so unsure about it all. So pretty much we were all downstairs waiting for this surprise party to happen and then learn it was an april fools joke.  I told sarah that if I failed my paper that night I was going to blame her.
  • I was a super cute flirt one night.  I was with Andrew at his apartment and we were talking.  He told me about this girl that liked him and she was texting him and kinda mentioned liking him.  He didn’t know what to tell her.  So I got up and picked up his feet and told him to tell her that he was swept off his feet by another girl.  We laughed about it for awhile.  Kyle even mentioned that it wasn’t that difficult for it to happen so I claimed it wasn’t hard because I’m special.
  • I went to General Conference for the Saturday Morning session.  It was pretty cool to be there but conference is definitely the same thing no matter where you are.
  • Went with Alicia to go swing dancing last night.  Oh my goodness, it was so much fun and everyone there was super sweet.
  • Alicia and I made apple pie inbetween sessions of conference today.
  • I had dinner with some old friends from last year.  Their was a lot of going down memory lane about stupid boys and other little funny things from the dorms.



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