Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament

7 04 2009

This is a talk given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, quorum of the twelve, during the Oct 2008 General Conference.


Elder Oaks reminded us that the sacrament is the most sacred thing we can do in the church each week.  The promise made to us through this service is that if we take upon us the name of christ that he will always have the spirit to be with us.

The bread represents the body of Christ.  He died on the cross for us.  Even if it was only for one person, he still would have given his life for that one.  The water represents his blood.  When he was in Gethsemane praying on our behalf he bled from every pore.  Can you even image the pain he felt because he loved us that much.

Elder Oaks had a few suggestions for us as we prepare to take the sacrament.

  • Be early for the meeting
  • Be thoughtful and listen to the prelude music instead of talking with everyone else
  • Don’t do any behavior that can be distracting to other people (texting, talking, reading a book or magazine)
  • Sing the hymns and think about what they are saying
  • Dress like you understand what you are saying when you take the name of christ upon you.


We should also have a broken heart and a contrite spirit.  This means that we should feel sorry for screwing up throughout the week but we are willing to try harder.  Heavenly Father knows our thoughts and our desires.

I know I live in a singles ward here in Utah where everyone knows each other pretty well.  I love how close we all are but I get so annoyed with how loud people are at church.  You walk into the chapel and everyone is talking.  I don’t mind little talk to see how someone is doing but it gets rediculous.  If you are going to talk, please do it with a library voice (yes, I have heard people yell in the chapel as church is about to start)  also, could people not talk throughout all of the speakers.  It is distracting and it makes the spirit harder to feel.  This is supposed to be a time of growth for all of us and we shouldn’t be talking or texting throughout the meeting.  one quote I liked by Elder Oaks was “When we partake of the sacrament, we make a sacred covenant that we will always remember the Savior.  How sad to see persons obviously biolating that covenant in the very meeting where they are making it.”





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