Deals Made by My Mom

10 04 2009

So the plan was that my mom was going to come get me after finals were over.  She would leave right after work on Thursday and come for me.  She doesn’t like making the drive in one day so she stops at Twin Falls to spend the night.  Therefore, she would only be in Utah for like a day before heading back.

My mom knew I had a friend that would be driving through so she decided to make it worth my time to get a ride so she wouldn’t have to spend the money or time to come get me.  She made me a deal that if I got a ride home then she would pay for my plane ticket down to Los Angeles this summer.  She knew I wanted to go down and visit the cousins but I didn’t really have the money to spend on a plane ticket.  But if I didn’t get the ride she would be fine coming to get me.

I think I will go down to Los Angeles early August because Laura’s daughter will be getting baptized so their whole family will be down there and I would love to see them along with everyone else.

Well, I am going home with Amanda and we are checking out on the 19th of April.  We will leave the next day after staying the night with her relatives so I will be home on the 20th.  It is exciting to go home but I will miss people here.  I will definitely miss Alicia.  She is my buddy for watching Veronica Mars and we cook together.  Because she won’t be here in the fall I will have to make new traditions with BreeAnn (Alicia’s little sister).  and I will have a car so I can always go visit Alicia.




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