Day One of My Internship

23 04 2009

I am doing my first internship for my major for Pendleton Parks and Recreation (I am required to do 2 internships for my major).  I will do most of my time at the aquatic center with lifeguarding and swim lessons but I will help with other programs within the parks and rec field.  They had me work for a bit today.  That was really nice since the pool doesn’t open up for another month.

So they had me help teach gymnastics for a class of 4 year olds today.  Oh my goodness.  It was probably the cutest thing ever.  I had so much fun.  Sure, I am not a gymnast but I can function at the same level a four year old can do.  This is what we did…

Stretches- butterfly, snakes, gymnast legs and trains.
Obstacle Course- balance beam, somersaults, cartwheels, jumping board thing, saddle jumps, and leap jumps
Beam-somersault while holding onto the beam.

Seriously, I love my major and the work I will be doing in it.



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