The Craziest Week Ever

23 04 2009

I know I have not written in like 500 years but my life has been upside down for the last week. You laugh at me. I’m not joking. First of all… FINALS SUCK!!!!

I had last Wednesday and Thursday off to study.  I took Bio and Intro to Family Processes on Friday and then Family Rec and New Testament Saturday morning.  So 4 huge tests in a day and a half with studying in between each test.  I was ready to die.  As soon as I finished testing I had to pack up most of my stuff to check out Monday morning. (I left bathroom things like the shower curtain and I left things in the kitchen for the roommates to use until I come back in the fall.)

Monday morning was rediculous.  Like I didn’t get much sleep thanks to cleaning and packing and saying bye to people.  I was doing last minute cleaning before the manager showed up and my roommate calls me.  She had gotten in a car wreck on her way to work and she didn’t have her wallet with her so she was crying and freaking out.  Well the manager showed up while I was going through her room so I told him he would have to wait because my roommate needed me and that was more important to me at the time.  Its true though. My roommates are more important than having the apartment perfectly clean on time.  Well I went with amanda and helped her with stuff for her sister’s wedding and then we drove home.

I got home around 8:30 in the evening and one of my friends had planned a small surprise party for me coming home.  that was really sweet of him.  Sadly enough, his ex really ticked him off  so he wasn’t happy.  I didn’t help him much but I tried.

I have been trying to hang out with everyone.  It has been kinda stressful but a lot of fun at the same time.  I think with all of the time that I have been home, I have eaten one meal at home.  That is kinda sad.




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23 04 2009

i love you. lots and lots and lots.:)

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