Bah Bah Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

25 04 2009

My life today and for the next 5 days is sheep.  You laugh at me.  I’m not joking.

I will also admit.  the sheep weren’t black but I wanted to name the post after the nursery rhyme.

I got the job for the week because of a family we know.  My brother is best friends with the son of the other family and since I am home and not really working I am helping with the shearing of the sheep.

I had to be up at 5:30 this morning to go at 6.  We then drove out to the country and had to help round up the sheep and put them in a corral.  The next thing to do was sort them out by what color tag they were wearing.  The sheep went up a little ramp to the shearers where the wool was cut off.  We were given the wool and had to clean it.  Pretty much, we took out disgusting bits of wool and bits of blood and skin.  (I know, disgusting)  I then rolled up the wool and put it in a compressor.

It was rediculously windy today so by the time I got home I was covered in dust.  It was disgusting.

I just want everyone to remind me to never marry a farmer or rancher because I don’t want my life to be out on a farm or ranch my entire life.  I am more of a city girl for sure.





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