Let’s Play Catch Up

3 05 2009

I have been around but I haven’t been socializing all that much.

1. The first thing is sheep. I am so glad it is done with. One of the owners of the sheep decided to ask me why I followed my standards and everything. I was able to share that I had my standards from church and why they were good things. I would be a different person if I honestly didn’t believe.

2. I went to the midnight show for Wolverine. It was a lot of fun. Not that many people were there so I was able to curl up in my blanket and sprawl out in my chair. It was a pretty good movie.

3. Today I went to the temple with the single’s branch. Their was a temple worker there and I recognized the last name on his name tag. So I asked him if he knew a kid named Brian. Brian was his son and he was surprised I would know him. yea, Brian had dated one of my roommates. It was still funny to meet Brian’s dad.

4. After getting home from Tri Cities, one of my ex boyfriends wanted to hang out with me (Isaiah) so I when I got over there he had a small bonfire set up in his backyard and fruit punch in cute glasses. So we toasted marshmellows and just hung out. I also made him watch Dr Horrible’s sing along blog after the fire died down.




2 responses

5 05 2009

You met Brian’s dad? That’s pretty sweet!

5 05 2009

yes I did. I thought it was pretty funny.

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