Day 2 of the Internship

5 05 2009

So Jeff asked me to come in and work today.  I show up and their is a bird flying around the pool house and three guys are running around trying to shoot the bird with an airsoft gun (Brad also got hit a number of times).  They didn’t want to kill the bird but they wanted it out.  Brad and I were supposed to wax the slides.  While doing that, Jeff and Lee went to do some other work.  We did about half of the blue slide today.  It wasn’t that bad at all.  I’m short enough that I could just sit there while Brad was all cramped.  So I worked three hours and maybe only did one hour of work.  We were all talking and making fun of Brad.

One funny story though.  We were trying to get the firehose up to the top of the slide and we had to straigten it to get the water out before we carried it up.  So I jumped down into the pool to get it straight.  Land and fall right on my butt in the only puddle in the entire pool.  So great.  I have a wet spot on my butt and the manager happened to be looking right then.




2 responses

5 05 2009

When am I going to get some Robin time?

5 05 2009

love you. love your stories. thanks for being there for me. all the time. you rock.

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