Crummy Day

12 05 2009

Today was a crummy day.  However, my good part of the day was getting my hair done.  These are the reasons why it was crummy…

1. I hate the wind.  I spent 3 hours yesterday and today setting up all of the chairs at the pool just to let the wind blow them over.  I still need to wash them.

2. hair appointment took longer than expected.  I told my boss I would be back in like an hour and a half.  It was two hours.

3. I smell like clorox bleach.

4. I learned that I will have to be a different person at the pool this year.  My sister will be working with me so anything dumb that I do will be told to my mom.  enough said.

5. I learned how much I will be paying just for the beginning of the season.  We are getting two pairs of sweats for the pool and I should go get another guard swimsuit and a lanyard.

6. Went to go play with some friends.  We played Killer Bunnies at Starbucks.  It was all fine until B Ran got mad and quit the game.  So we never finished because he was ticked off.

7. bored for the rest of the night.

8. my mom decided to inform me how overweight I am and pretty much calling me a fatso.  I swear, I am never good enough for her.




2 responses

13 05 2009

Sorry it was such a crummy day … but I do want to see a picture of your new hair do!


13 05 2009

Hey … will you fix the “feed” on your blog so I can add it to my feed reader? Thanks … then I can always see when you post and read it from my reader 🙂 !!

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