I Can’t Believe Some Parents

17 05 2009

So for work today, I helped out at the Hershey’s Track Meet.  I helped out with the time keeping and recording of who won and what their times were.

From 9:30 to 11:30 we did the 1-8 year olds.  and then we did the qualifying races for 9-14 year olds.  Whoever won each event for the qualifying events was offered to go to state in Eugene in a couple weeks.

Their were a number of parents that would try to argue that their kid was better than the other kids.  We called the winners as we saw them.  A couple kids were placed in the wrong age group (thanks to the parent not reading the paper work fully) and would win.  Once we figured out their was a problem with the age of the child we would compare their time with the winners of the correct group.  They would no longer be the winner and be upset.

Their was one parent that really ticked me off.  She had a son in the 7 year old division.  When asked how her son was doing she would say how amazing he was and he was going to blow every other kid out of the water.  He was preparing for the Olympics someday and she would time the kid herself to make sure we were right.  Sadly enough, this kid did win most of his races but he got third place in the 1600 meter.  Sadly enough the mom got really upset with the kid and made a scene about how he should have won.  Seriously, you are going to put your kid through that much pressure.  He is seven.  Those races were for fun.  You cannot go to state until you are nine.  I’m just scared for when he is older and he will most likely lose his love of running because of the mother.

Same lady has a daughter in the 9 year old group.  I believe she ran the 200 meter dash in 32 seconds.  I see that as really good.  She won the event and everything but as soon as her mom saw her time she complained about how that wasn’t good enough and the girl should have done better.

I say their is a fine line being competitive and going too far.  When you are young, it needs to be for fun.  I plan that with my children they will have my support in anything they want to do but I will never push them harder than what is reasonable.  Sure, I may not have a concert pianist or an Olympic athlete but that isn’t a goal that I have to have for my kid.  I want them to develop talents that they will enjoy doing throughout their life and be able to share with those around them.

PS. I am very red right now thanks to the sun and forgetting about wearing sunscreen.  Yes, I know I am bright.




3 responses

28 06 2011
Desteny Christensen

Okay, so I decided to go through and read like, um, all your posts in your blog today 🙂
Creepy? Probably, but I want to comment on this one!

I SWEAR, this woman sounds just like my husband’s step-mother. She has a son and daughter who would have been those ages then, too!! I’m almost willing to bet that it’s the same woman!

28 06 2011

You have way too much free-time if you decided to read like everything.

29 06 2011
Desteny Christensen

Yeah… I did have a lot of free time. I started by reading your most recent post, about the family reunion… and I sorta just went from there.

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