Weekend Update

19 05 2009

So lets see.  my weekend was…


  • worked at the pool painting it white
  • went to the farmers market with my mom and sister
  • went to Dean’s and got myself new flip flops for lifeguarding season
  • went to Daniel’s house to hang out with him.  One of his friends (a girl) was all jealous thinking something was going on between us.  No, he and I are only friends and we will stay that way.  I did help him fix his dryer and we watched weeds.


  • helped at the Hershey’s track meet (see past post)
  • took my brother out for lunch because he spent all day up there with me.
  • took a long nap
  • went and visited Samantha and we talked for awhile


  • went to church
  • watched half of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (really cheesy, I know)
  • went to McKay Park and threw a frisbee around with Zeth
  • Alex had us go on a long walk with her.  My feet were dying because I was wearing flip flops and now have multiple blisters on my feet



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