Save #1

26 05 2009

I had my first save today.

First of all, let me tell you that it was not a happy day.  It might have seemed warm out but their was a breeze all day.  The water was freezing and it was extremely busy with a lot of stupid people.

So we finally pull beach to the side because it was freezing in there.  All of a sudden this little girl (probably 3 yrs old) starts to freak out.  This is happening in about 2 1/2 ft of water.  So I have to jump in to grab this girl.  She grabs ahold of me crying that she wants her mom and I just hold her and say in her ear that everything is ok.  As soon as we get to the side of the pool her mom shows up and says thank you.  REALLY???  SHOULDN”T YOU BE WATCHING YOUR KID???  I didn’t say that but I was so thinking it.  Why would you let a kid that small go play in a pool without supervision.  As a lifeguard I can’t watch every single kid every second.  Other people are seriously ignorant.  My job is not easy.  If anything goes wrong, it is on my shoulders.  not cool.

Oh, to make it worse, it was seven in the evening at it was cold and I cut my toe somehow.




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