I Don’t Know What to Say

30 05 2009

I just don’t know.

Day started off fine.  I went to work and the kids for the pool party showed up way early so we had to get on the chair as soon as we had enough guards (like no joke, the middle school showed up half an hour before the guards were supposed to show up)  They were easy though.  I guess it was all of the kids that never went to detention this school year and we had plenty of guards.  It was to the point that we were on the chair for an hour and on break for an hour.

I made cookies today.  They turned out pretty decent.  I made snickerdoodle ones.  I delivered them to a few other people so I know they enjoyed the treats.

Hung out with Daniel for a little bit.  It was kinda boring.  He got ticked off cuz Lexie ditched out.  When he is mad, he isn’t all that perky. (he isn’t perky at all to begin with)

I went to go work out for a bit.  Ok, longer than a bit.  I was there for two hours.  but when I got done I had a text message from a friend saying how mad she was that I wasn’t at her graduation.  I’m not going to my sister’s so how is it fair if I went to this graduation and not my sister’s.  it all makes sense in my head.  Then I guess I don’t respond to all of her text messages.  If I remember right, most of them I get while I am asleep or working.  I do respond when I can but I’m not going to have my phone on the chair while watching the water.  1. If anything goes wrong (someone gets hurt or dies) cuz I was texting, it is on my head, and 2. if I have to jump in my phone would drown.

I really should go to bed.  I work 10 hours tomorrow and 13 hours on Sunday.

oh yea, another good tidbit of the day was that it was payday.  I like payday.  I got paid once a month so it is exciting to see how much my hard work is worth.




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