I Need a Hug!!!

14 06 2009

Like no joke, a couple things happened and I’m not doing so hot.  Probably none of it would have happened if I didn’t get off work early.  Stupid lightning.  This is probably one of the few times you will hear me say that.  I would have been happier at the pool.  I have 2 reasons why it wasn’t all great.  I know, that seems weak but whatever, I stil want a hug.

1. While in the shower I used a new razor and cut myself really badly.  Like it is a couple inches and everyone knows that shaving cuts don’t heal very well.  I have been through a couple bandaids already.  Don’t worry, I have tried to be smart in taking care of it.  I can’t have it not heal.  I have to work and I work at the pool.

2. My ex randomly showed up at my house today.  NOT COOL.  I wasn’t ready at all.  Like sure, I was just out of the shower and barely took the towel off my hair.  but I also would have liked to prepare mentally before being thrown into this.  I went on a walk and talked with him for a bit.  I feel bad that he isn’t in the best circumstances.  But honestly, I can’t do much for him.  I won’t let myself attach because he isn’t my guy.  I don’t care what he tries to say to me, it wouldn’t work.  We dated 3 years ago and it didn’t work then, why would it now?  We have both changed in different directions.


Pool Stories

9 06 2009

So I have been working a lot up at the pool.  I have taken only one day off in order to go pick up my grandpa for Emmy’s graduation.  But I have a few funny stories to share…

1. Their were these two boys standing on the teeter totter.  Heidi and I yelled at them to sit down but they didn’t listen so we told them to get off.  One boy jumped off and the other  fell and the teeter totter went right up and hit him in the crotch.  Sadly enough, every single guard saw and everyone laughed really hard.

2. We have a guard that not too many people like.  This guard has a hard time following rules.  Our boss had a talk with him and told him that we had reasons for our rules and he was going to take a couple days off to think about if he really wanted the job.  this guard responded with “Can I go home early?”  Are you joking me.

3. We started playing your team/my team.  The object of the game is have awesome people on your team and to place weird people on other people’s teams.  I have some random chick with a red swimsuit.  Lee has mini grinch and Shelby.  Molly has horse whisper.  Savanna has the blue shirt kid and Jeff.  Zack has someone but I forgot who it was.

4. Katie had a save.  As she was running around the corner of the 4 ft area she totally slipped and landed in the water right on top of the kid she was going to be saving.  by the time she stood up, the kid she was saving was on the side of the pool already.

5. SOMEONE POOPED IN THE HOTTUB.  like no joke.  Havi kicked all the kids out of it while I had to use this net thing to clear all of the poop out of there.  How do you do not and no one know anything.

6. So the lifeguards all decided that I couldn’t possibly be mean.  I told them I so could.  I would make a kid cry if I had to.  They still don’t think I could be mean.  I guess everything I say can be stern but still loving or something like that.  I will so show them.

7. I just like hanging out with the guards.  We are all just awesome.

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