He’s Gone

8 07 2009

Kenny left yesterday.  Wow, I’m kinda surprised how hard I took it.

I went to work in the morning.  Taught my swim lessons.  Then I went home to change and make myself look decent.  I made the mistake of putting on eye makeup.  but I did want to look good for that last time that he saw me.  He texted me to tell me to come by the house.  I got to spend a little bit of time with him before everyone else showed up.  He apologized for the night before and how he couldn’t give me as much attention the evening before because of some of the people that were visiting.  Everyone kinda just chilled until it was time for Kenny to go to the airport.

At the airport it was Betty, Jeff, Colby, Colton, Mike, Jasmine, Kayla, Tine, and me.  Everyone cried.  including Kenny.  That was kinda funny cuz he was trying so hard to not do it.  He was making excuses like it was windy (we were inside the airport).  We went outside to watch the plane take off and Mike had to hold me for a bit cuz I was crying.  he said Kenny would be ok and we would see him in 4 months.  The problem is that I will be at school by then and I won’t be home til December.  Betty heard that and she said that I would see him when he came back whether it was him coming to visit me or them flying me home as a present for him. She also held me for a bit.  man, I am such a child.  Their was no way I could have done it without them.

I had an interesting conversation with one of Kenny’s friends earlier in the day.  I don’t have my side of the texts anymore but I was talking with Clayton about drama and I told him about people were making problems with Kenny and me.  he said.  “wtf for?  your the best kenny has had for a long time.  He talks about you so much.  The other people don’t matter.  You and him are the only things that do.”  I told Clayton how I was nervous he wouldn’t like me cuz the last time he saw me, I was almost dating his friend, Codey.  He responded with… “Codey ditched me too and I don’t judge people.  I’m just happy its you kenny has and not some crazed heartless butt again.  Your the only gf hes ever had thats trustworthy.  Treat him well and don’t break his heart.  he has had so much of that.”  That all meant a lot to me to receive hope that things will be ok.  I don’t want to be that girl that is only seen as a toy so it was interesting to see that he honestly talked well about me and his friends know that they don’t have to worry with me breaking his heart.

Before Kenny left I also wrote him his first letter and gave him my contact info.  I also printed off a couple pictures so he has those.  He also left some of his stuff in my car so I took one of his national guard notebooks and went in a couple pages and wrote a little note saying that I missed him and to stay strong.  So that will be an extra little surprize when he finds it.  I told my friend, Sam, and she thought that was a really cute idea.

l_6952b5e54780f6865af3d7a9a6d459fcSo there is a picture of Kenny.  We dated for a little bit and now we are friends.  I will miss the kid but he is strong.  He can do it. And he will come back in one piece.  I will beat in his face if he doesn’t.


Operation Beautiful

7 07 2009

I saw this on another website so I chose to highlight it here just in case someone else likes the idea.  I do agree that people (especially women) don’t believe in themselves and we can help fight this battle.  Be there for a friend or make a stranger smile.  Either way, it helps.

Why Are Boys Confusing

7 07 2009

If anyone could answer that question I would be delighted.

Yes, Kenny and I are talking again.  We figured things out the other night and decided that we could be friends and have it worth something.

I was at work on Saturday (fourth of july) and Kenny showed up to the pool and found me pretty quickly (I was at the top of the slide.)  So he and his friend, Mike, come up to say hi to me.  Kenny also wanted to invite me over that night to hang out with him.  He and Mike then followed me for the next 3 hours or so while I was on rotation.

I did go to his house after work.  We all went to see the fireworks at the park and went and did our own fireworks.  We were sitting at his house talking and out of nowhere he says that he feels like a butt for ending things with me because he thinks he really loves me.  (I don’t think it is real love but whatever)

The sad thing is that a bunch of people are talking bad about me.  Girls that like him think that I am taking over and everything so they have given me problems.  Really, I am not trying to cause drama but whatever.

ok, now the other part of my head…

The problem is that I have been spending a bit of time with Kenny and I think I might have feelings for the kid. I say I don’t but I don’t know what I am saying half the time.  I smile whenever he is around and he makes me giggle like a little girl.  ok, that last part is easy.  but I am finding myself getting jealous and wanting to fight to keep him around.  Even his mom is rooting for me.  She hardly knows me and really likes having me around.

Time Come and Gone

3 07 2009

So it has been two weeks since I wrote a post and I really should get on that.  My emotions have been everywhere but today I am doing alright.  I will write about a few things that have been going on.

1. first of all, my ankle is doing a bunch better.  It is almost healed but I may have a scar.  We will see.

2. I started dating a guy for a bit.  We already broke up though.  Ok, story time I guess… He showed up to the pool one day fully dressed in his military gear and since I knew he had to be in national guard I asked him if he knew my friend, Samantha.  Of course, he did, so he talked to me for a little bit and got my number because Sam and I were going to be together that night and he wanted to hang out with us.  We got along just fine.  One day he said he really cared about me and wanted to date me even though he was leaving for AIT in like 3 weeks.  He knew I needed time to be ok with going into a relationship and it took me a week to tell him yes.  However, shortly after we broke up because I wouldn’t sleep with him.  I know I did the right thing but it hurt that it wasn’t a good situation.  He didn’t even talk to me about it.  He never pressured me.  He knew I wasn’t that girl so he broke it off.  We are now friends and we are both ok with that.  It is easier for him to leave without being attached to me.  We can still talk and be ok so I’m alright with it all.

3. I have been working a bunch still.  Swim lessons were entertaining.  I taught 3 classes of level one and a group of pilot rock boys.  All of my kids loved me.  I even got a number of parents to like me too.  My other teachers were great too.  Thanks Havi and Matt.  We are going to have another great session.  The first week is always full of teaching the new skills so that isn’t as entertaining.  The second week was so much more fun.  One day we  had the kids dive down for cheap party favors that they got to keep.  Oh my goodness, they loved that.  Tuesday we went into the 50 meter pool and did life jackets.  Wednesday was our treasure hunt.  Finally, Thursday was the last day so we did testing and then played.  Next session I have 2 lessons of level one in the morning and then in the evening I have a private lesson and a class of level two.  It will be entertaining.

4.  I went on a campout with a bunch of mormons.  It was a lot of fun.  I made a few new friends and got to see some old friends.  I missed Robbie so much.  He made me laugh like nonstop.  and their was a kid named Ron that I spent a bit of time with.  He even said that he didn’t like ppl all that much but he like how chill I was.

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