Time Come and Gone

3 07 2009

So it has been two weeks since I wrote a post and I really should get on that.  My emotions have been everywhere but today I am doing alright.  I will write about a few things that have been going on.

1. first of all, my ankle is doing a bunch better.  It is almost healed but I may have a scar.  We will see.

2. I started dating a guy for a bit.  We already broke up though.  Ok, story time I guess… He showed up to the pool one day fully dressed in his military gear and since I knew he had to be in national guard I asked him if he knew my friend, Samantha.  Of course, he did, so he talked to me for a little bit and got my number because Sam and I were going to be together that night and he wanted to hang out with us.  We got along just fine.  One day he said he really cared about me and wanted to date me even though he was leaving for AIT in like 3 weeks.  He knew I needed time to be ok with going into a relationship and it took me a week to tell him yes.  However, shortly after we broke up because I wouldn’t sleep with him.  I know I did the right thing but it hurt that it wasn’t a good situation.  He didn’t even talk to me about it.  He never pressured me.  He knew I wasn’t that girl so he broke it off.  We are now friends and we are both ok with that.  It is easier for him to leave without being attached to me.  We can still talk and be ok so I’m alright with it all.

3. I have been working a bunch still.  Swim lessons were entertaining.  I taught 3 classes of level one and a group of pilot rock boys.  All of my kids loved me.  I even got a number of parents to like me too.  My other teachers were great too.  Thanks Havi and Matt.  We are going to have another great session.  The first week is always full of teaching the new skills so that isn’t as entertaining.  The second week was so much more fun.  One day we  had the kids dive down for cheap party favors that they got to keep.  Oh my goodness, they loved that.  Tuesday we went into the 50 meter pool and did life jackets.  Wednesday was our treasure hunt.  Finally, Thursday was the last day so we did testing and then played.  Next session I have 2 lessons of level one in the morning and then in the evening I have a private lesson and a class of level two.  It will be entertaining.

4.  I went on a campout with a bunch of mormons.  It was a lot of fun.  I made a few new friends and got to see some old friends.  I missed Robbie so much.  He made me laugh like nonstop.  and their was a kid named Ron that I spent a bit of time with.  He even said that he didn’t like ppl all that much but he like how chill I was.



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