Why Are Boys Confusing

7 07 2009

If anyone could answer that question I would be delighted.

Yes, Kenny and I are talking again.  We figured things out the other night and decided that we could be friends and have it worth something.

I was at work on Saturday (fourth of july) and Kenny showed up to the pool and found me pretty quickly (I was at the top of the slide.)  So he and his friend, Mike, come up to say hi to me.  Kenny also wanted to invite me over that night to hang out with him.  He and Mike then followed me for the next 3 hours or so while I was on rotation.

I did go to his house after work.  We all went to see the fireworks at the park and went and did our own fireworks.  We were sitting at his house talking and out of nowhere he says that he feels like a butt for ending things with me because he thinks he really loves me.  (I don’t think it is real love but whatever)

The sad thing is that a bunch of people are talking bad about me.  Girls that like him think that I am taking over and everything so they have given me problems.  Really, I am not trying to cause drama but whatever.

ok, now the other part of my head…

The problem is that I have been spending a bit of time with Kenny and I think I might have feelings for the kid. I say I don’t but I don’t know what I am saying half the time.  I smile whenever he is around and he makes me giggle like a little girl.  ok, that last part is easy.  but I am finding myself getting jealous and wanting to fight to keep him around.  Even his mom is rooting for me.  She hardly knows me and really likes having me around.




One response

7 07 2009

oh darling. it’s because you’re such a good influence that his mom loves you.

i think you need to look at if you actually like kenny himself, or the attention he gives you. i’ve noticed that with boys that i have dated before. so, take a look at that.

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