busy busy week

20 08 2009

so I go back to utah on Wednesday.  I got a check list of everything I need to do.

  • laundry
  • pack
  • made copies of the car key
  • wash and vacuum car
  • haircut
  • social obligations
  • work
  • job applications (never ending)
  • make cookies for work
  • review guard skills
  • make a notecard with info to do more job applications
  • print off resume

I work every day from 11:30 to 8 which makes it hard to do anything during the day.

Social Obligations include.

  • Guard Formal, Pendleton Aquatic Center Employees dressing up and going to dinner together at Stetsons
  • Hang out with Clayton
  • PAC Potluck
  • Bowling
  • hang out with other ppl.

I’m so stressed due to everything and a couple ppl but I’m almost done.  I will be back in Utah and ready to start my life over there.  My life has pretty much been on hold this summer.  I lived at the pool.  but it is time to move on.  Here we go.




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