I Don’t Even Know What Happened…

27 10 2009

ok, so I am guessing you know that I don’t have any luck with dating.  I haven’t been asked on dates like the entire time I have been at BYU.  then all of a sudden I get asked on multiple dates in one day.

so for the first date, it was with a kid named Abraham.  He took me to lunch at Costa Vida and ty kill did bowling at Fat Cats.  Yes, I totally killed him.  He bowled a 101 and I bowled a 171.  I’m not joking.  That is my real score.

After that I went and did sidewalk chalk over at the stadium with this kid named Bryce.  It was so much fun.  Oh my goodness.  I loved it.  We were able to have fun while talk at the same time.

Both of those dates were on the same day and later that day I was hanging out with Lizzy and Josh came over to have us hang out.  His friend from home was coming to hang out with us.  We made Rice Krispy treats and watched a movie.  the movie was super lame though.  DO NOT WATCH SPHERE!!!! I hated it.  So as they were leaving at the end of the night Zack asked me on a date for this upcoming Friday to the cornmaze.

Abraham asked for a second date first week of november.  We will see what goes down.  He is a nice kid but I don’t think I am interested in him.

Bryce came over on Sunday for cinnamon rolls.  All of my roommates that were around loved him.  because I am sick he decided to check up on me to see how I was feeling.  It was sweet.  He even asked if he could come over for to see me but the time he had available I was going to be at work.  He also said he wanted to come over again and do a game night with people here cuz he had a ton of fun with us before.  I commented that it seemed like he really liked my roommates and I was hoping he still saw me as a cool gal.  He said that he thought I was pretty awesome.  oh yay!

The date with Zack is still coming up.  I”m not fully comfortable going alone so Josh is making it a group date so I am totally thankful towards him.

I don’t know why this all happened all of a sudden but I’m ok with it.


Winter Semester Schedule

19 10 2009

So I just finally put together my schedule for next semester.  I wrote down everything I need to take to graduate and I am at 38 credits plus my final internship.  I am excited.  I will be graduating about a year and a half from now.  but here is my schedule.  I am happy if you have anything you want to say about it.

MFG 202- History of Creativity 2
MWF 11-11:50
RMYL 371-Event Planning
Th 4-6:30
RMYL 453- Grant Writing
W 7-8:40
RMYL 451- Nonprofit Fundraising
MW 9:30-10:45
OrgB 327- Human Resource Management
TTh 12:30-1:45

That puts me at 14 credits and gives me time to work up at DressBarn.  I register on the 29th

So Sad

13 10 2009

watch this video but beware, it is sad.

Child Abuse is one of the sadest things ever.  I don’t understand how a person can even think of hurting a child.  I know I want to be there to help any child that may need me.

I volunteered at the children’s justice center my freshman year of college and played with kids that had been physically or sexually abused.  I love being able to see them smile because of the fact that I was playing with them and they could see that I had real love for them.

Each child is a sweet spirit that needs to be loved.  Do NOT be silent.  If you know something or see something, report it.  You don’t want to wait til it is too late.  The child needs a better life than that.  Say something.

Disney World, Here I Come

10 10 2009

I had my interview last Sunday.  It went pretty well.  She went over the stuff I put down into my application and she asked me a few questions about what positions I would want and asked some questions about those fields.  I told her that I wanted Recreation or lifeguarding.  At the end of the interview she stopped me just to tell that she really appreciated my answers and she wanted me to know that I was an amazing person.

Last night I got home from work and checked my email.  I got accepted as a lifeguard there from april to august. I am taking a pay cut but you know what, I feel really good about it.  It is going to be an amazing experience.

attached is a video clip of the 2 water parks and some of the things I will be helping with.

New Internship?

1 10 2009

So this last week I randomly heard about the Disney Summer internships and I feel really good about it.  Don’t ask me why.  I was even going to apply for DisneyLand to be close to family but today I was sitting in the presentation and all of a sudden, I knew I needed to apply for Disney World instead.  I applied online today and I already have a phone interview for Sunday at 5pm.

I am hoping that I get a position with Recreation or Lifeguarding.  I said I could do a number of things but those are the areas that I feel would help me succeed with my major.  They also offer a number of classes that can be used for college credit.  One of the ones I was automatically drawn to was Marketing You.  Here is the excert from it

Marketing You

Through participation in this course, students learn how to market their skills of communication, customer service, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-management and creative thinking. Key elements include the development of a career focus and a personal marketing plan that encompasses the creation of a cover letter, résumé and networking strategy. The students will also learn interviewing and negotiation techniques.

They also provide housing for me and as a BYU student they will put the BYU kids together so we can still live alcohol free.  They also have 1-2 activities a week for the cast members to participate in.  These events include playing BINGO for groceries to pool parties and so on.  Transportation is also free.

I will find out in a few weeks if I get accepted and what my position will be.

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