Cute Little Notes

13 12 2009

So I don’t do well with anonymous notes.  I like knowing things so I constantly want to know who they are from or what is going on in their head to see why they thought they need to send the note or why they don’t put a name on it.

About 2 weeks ago I got a love note (my apartment complex offers ppl to write little notes to other people once a week.)  So this love note says “The sun never shines as bright as my face when I see you smile!”  Pretty much, I have no idea who it from and I wish I did.

Today As I was leaving the apartment for Sarah’s Bridal Shower I find a new note stuck on my door.  This note had Riesen chocolate attached to it and it said…

Robin, here are two riesens we love you!
1. We love your example of courage and trust.
3. We see your love for God and others through your bright countenance
Oops, I don’t know how to count.

With that one Lexie and I brainstormed who it could be from.  We know it is somebody who knows me pretty well in order to know the courage and trust part.  But also, it had to be someone with a sense of humor for the 3 part.

I remember last year getting some stuff but I figured it out after some time.  I received a flower one day with a note that said “I thought a gorgeous girl needed a gorgeous flower, have a great week!”  then 2 weeks later I received a baggy of cookies with a note that said the person was grateful to know me.  I decided this was all Jim because he loved baking and he knew what my favorite flower was.  It took me forever to figure it out but I did.

So tip of advice.  If you decide to send me a little something, put your name on it if you don’t want me to die of craziness.




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