Happy New Years

31 12 2009

ok, #1, I HATE snow.  We got a couple inches of snow and it isn’t fun.  I even had a dentist appointment planned for this afternoon and I guess everyone else had canceled their appointments and so they asked me to go at 9:30 in the morning.  So I got the fun of walking in the snow down there because their wasn’t a car I could use to get there safely.  Even tonight this one kid got stuck in a ditch while I was hanging out with daniel.  We were called to help and I notice the guy has a girl with him and she has caused a good amount of drama for me so I chose to stay in the car.  It was probably a better idea because I know she does not like me all that much.

Now for New Year plans.  First I was gonna do a game night with some friends but Zeth has to work so that isn’t really happening anymore.  Sam invited me to go with her to her aunt’s so I may do that.  I don’t know yet though.

New Years resolutions include…
1. make a to-do list each week (it worked really well during finals)
2. lose 20 pounds throughout the year
3. figure out future more and work towards getting experience to reach goals
4. Have fun




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