New Years has come

1 01 2010

I hope you all had a wonderful midnight moment.  I had a nice evening.

I started off my evening by taking my brother to his church youth party at the high school.  They did a little talent show, hockey, basketball, boardgames, movies, and food.  I stayed for like 2 hours and spent time with my brother and talking with Chaneux (my old neighbor) and Sister Barfuss.

I then left and went to Jessica Campbell’s gravesite and talked to her for a little bit.  I know its weird but it is something I do whenever I am in town. I wish I could really talk to her but I at least get to sort through my thoughts whenever I go there.

Then I met up with Travis and Ronny and played Ticket to Ride at Denny’s.  I think we played for 3 1/2 hours.  Well Travis and I did.  ronny ditched out pretty early.  It is totally normal for us to play boardgames at Denny’s and another group of kids about our age came in and they really liked our idea so one of them went to Walmart to buy a game to play for themselves.  Aren’t you proud of our trendsetting.  really though, that is a fun activity, unlimited hot chocolate, food, friends, games, and no one getting into trouble.




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