In honor of Valentines Day

17 02 2010

So I had a good weekend.  Friday night was spent with the cousins.  We did dinner at P.F. Changs and then ice cream and just hung out.  Saturday morning I went to the bridal fair with Amanda.  I had to go for a class assignment so Amanda was dragged down with me.  We also had lunch together at Panda express.  That evening I had dinner with family friends and Bronson came with me.  I had a lot of fun with everyone and it wasn’t too weird at all.  I spent the night with apartment 17 so that was also fun.  Sunday was pretty normal but a lot of added chocolate given to me.  I also went and played games with my cousins so that was also super enjoyable.  I love them like no other.  Laura even offered to have me visit her this summer.  I want to.  I just have to make it work with my schedule after I come back from Florida.

So I was going to post this for Valentines Day but it was super busy and it just didn’t happen like I wanted it to.  I won’t say anything but watch the video and take what you feel from it.



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