My Body Has Gone on Strike

20 04 2010

I know, its weird to say, but it is true.  It is probably my fault though.  It is finals here and last week I spent multiple nights in a row studying til the wee hours of the morning.  not a good idea.  I am now sick and on top of that I have a wisdom tooth coming in and it hurts and then cramps.  I just want to cry half the time.  At least I will be don’t with finals tomorrow.

The next thing to work on will be packing up my apartment.  My uncle came and got most of my stuff last week so this week is just finishing.  That will suck.

Even is cleaning and packing sucks, the exciting part comes after that.  On the countdown we are looking at 5 days until I leave for Disney World.  How exciting.  I will have a million stories for you all summer. Sure, life has been boring or only stories I didn’t want to share recently but I will catch up someday.  Well, once finals are done and I get a little bit of time I will share stories.




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