The Beginnings of an Adventure

27 04 2010

My summer is totally going to be an adventure for sure.  For those that don’t know, I was accepted into the Disney College Program for Summer 2010 and I will be a lifeguard here.

I left on Sunday when Bronson came to take me to the airport.  It was totally chill.  We talked the whole way.  We have been pretty good friends this year so I appreciate everything he does for me.  I flew from Salt Lake City to Denver to Atlanta and then finally to Orlando.  I handled the flights pretty well.  I know I was scared.  I have never traveled by myself before but I succeeded.  I even got a taxi and went to the airport.  Now that is courage for a small town girl to do for herself.  I spent the night at La Quinta and we had an amazing thunderstorm.  Like I opened my window so I could watch it.  Just a sidenote here.  One of my roommates was supposed to land just a bit after me and because of the lightning she was sent to atlanta to wait 2 hours before coming in.  The lightning was that intense.

Monday morning I had to be up at like 6:30 to get ready to go to Vista Way Apartments.  I think their was a leak in my ceiling in the bathroom because after I took my shower I went to go grab a towel and they were all soaked and I noticed a bit of ceiling paint had fallen.  Not very cool.  Anyways, I then took the hotel shuttle back to the airport and got on another shuttle to take me to Vista Way where I checked in.  I am in a 3 bedroom apartment with all girls from BYU, 4 of us are in Provo and the other 2 are from Hawaii.  We went to casting and got fingerprinted and everything.  We just chilled and had fun during that cuz it took forever.  We then had the rest of the day to unpack and go to walmart and just chill.  That night a group of us chose to go to The Commons and watch Avatar.  Can I say it was freezing over there.  Oh goodness.  Florida loves their Air Conditioning.

Today we had to get up and be at casting at 8 in the morning.  They had us turn in paper work, talk with disney look people, get our locations, and get our payroll cards.  Two sad things here.  the first was with the Disney Look. I guess my highlights were too light so they forced me to dye my hair sometime today so that way it would be one color.  It better be good enough now.  My roommate, Jenna, helped me do and I think it looks alright.  I was just sad that I had to do it.  Whenever I told people, they couldn’t believe it.  My hair looks natural but I guess not natural enough for disney.  The second sad thing is that everyone got their locations and mine said to be determined.  They took my phone number and told me someone would call and tell me when to take my swim test.  We then went to a housing meeting that was quite boring.  I hung out with Alicia and Eric so we went to Walmart afterwards.  They needed some stuff and I needed dye.  I think we will get along just great.  Alicia and I had a bonding moment and then we were talking about church stuff and I guess I won’t be given home teachers so Eric offered to be an unofficial home teacher to us.  Alicia and I both liked that offer.  I guess Alicia will call to have spiders killed for her and I also rely on having a good home teacher.  I had my swim test this evening.  I guess they only had 3 college program kids trying out.  One has been here for awhile and got an extension and was offered lifeguarding.  Hollie and I were both BYU kids who were offered the position.  Hollie said her roommates really wanted the lifeguarding and got quick service food instead or something like that so we are really special with the fact that we were offered the position.  A number of other people were there to try out.  They were all pretty local just trying to get jobs for the summer.  We had to do a vision screening test, a 200 meter swim, deep water brick test, and 2 minutes treading water without hands.  I did just fine.  I guess I was one of the stronger ones in the group because I was approached afterwards by a girl who asked for my advice on how to do everything.  I stayed around long enough to see if she succeeded.  She did but she almost went out during treading.  One boy that had been swimming with my group didn’t get the treading done and when I left to change he was talking with the people.  When I got back, they had him lying down and the ambulence came over.  I don’t know what exactly happened.  Later, he was up and walking again.  I thought I saw him on the bus on the way back but it wasn’t him.  It was his roommate.  that was pretty amazing to run into his roommate who the guy had even told me about.  This roommate will be working with me.  Oh yea, I got my location finally.  I will be a lifeguard at Blizzard Beach.  That is the place I wanted to be.  When I got back to Vista Way I ran into my roommates.  They were on their way to downtown disney.  So I joined in.  Finally dyed my hair when I got back to the apartment and it is now bed time.  I have traditions in the morning.

I promise to put some pictures up tomorrow.




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