Just a Side Note

8 05 2010

Ok, I have been waiting to find a certain picture before informing the world of this piece of information.  About 2 weeks ago my old roommate, Julie, got married to our friend Rob.  She was super cute and the picture are pretty much amazing.  Everyone knows the tradition where the bride throws her bouquet out in the crowd of single women.  Everyone is out there and I’m just chillin.  All of a sudden, my hand goes up and the bouquet is in my hand.  I honestly don’t know why it happened.  Mindy was right in front of me and she was like a foot taller than me with her heels on and everyone was so much more gunhoe about it than I was.  so with catching the bouquet I got a special picture with Julie and supposibly I’m the next one to get married.  People are saying I will find someone in Florida to help that come true.  However, I am making a promise right now for the whole world to see.  I will not get married until I know it is the right thing and I have the right man who will take me to the temple.  I promise that to each of you.  Anyways, here is the pictures.

Julie getting ready to toss her bouquet.

Julie and lucky girl to get married next.  We will see what happens.


Happy Day!!!

7 05 2010

So yesterday and today were my days off.  It was super nice to have a little bit of time off.  I was really stressing myself out.  Ok, I lied.  I am still stressing out.  I still have a ton more training to go through.  I want to punch somebody cuz of it.

Yesterday I slept in and then went to Pop Century to pick up my costume.  I promise I will get a picture on here soon. The bus driver was totally cool.  I was the only one on the bus so he offered to take me straight to Pop Century.  It would have been the last stop so I was happy to not have to sit on the bus that long.  Also, costume is disney code for uniform so it was my lifeguard clothes.  I got a couple swim suits and then shorts and polos and a pair of pants.  Then I went to Walmart to do grocery shopping.  By the time I got home, Jenna was home and we watched Princess Diaries while I worked on writing in my journal.  It was about dinner time at this point so I made chicken and rice stuff and fed most of my roommates plus Eric.  I told Alicia to eat also but she kinda failed at that.  The rest of the evening was pretty chill but I was excited at how productive I was throughout the day.

Today I went to Blizzard Beach with Alicia, Kimberly, Kevin, Rahul, and Eric.  It was a ton of fun for sure.  Some of the highlights included our ice cream (picture below).  Like they take little sandcastle buckets and fill it with soft serve ice cream and then add hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, waffle pieces, and lots of goodness.  It was huge and we got 2 of them since their were six of us.  We did most of the rides and also just relaxed in the cross country river.  Their was this super cute girl who told me to splash her dad.  I just got his feet but I then told her to splash our boys.  She totally attacked Eric.  It was super funny.  We were all commenting that he finally was able to get a girlfriend (yep, love ya too bud) but I think Rahul got a little bit jealous.  We were coming around this corner and the lifeguard was James.  I met him last week at my orientation so I was kinda yelling that I knew him.  James loved the attention but Rahul and Eric were wrestling so James told them to keep it PG and if they really wanted to kiss, to do it under water.  Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard.  Eric’s comment and I quote “Now I love little girls and Men”  He will try to deny it, but don’t believe him.  We also saw Merri.  She is my roommate and she was working today.

After we got home from Blizzard Beach we ended up playing Imagine If and watching Cast Away.

It was a good couple days but I gotta head to bed now.  I got work in the morning and my uncle is coming into town so I am supposed to do dinner with him and his friends.

Me, Kimberly, Alicia, Rahul, and Kevin with our buckets of ice cream goodness.  Eric was taking the picture.


5 05 2010

Ok, I am now done with the lifeguard class.  It wore me out like no other.  I even got a sunburn.  I promise, I put sunscreen on.  The UV rays is what gets me.

Day 2 of class consisted of CPR, Trauma Bags, and team scenarios.  My group for the test was Jeanne, Deanna, Chris, and Ish.  Once I got home, I passed out and just had no energy at all.  Like I’m not joking.  I hadn’t eaten all day and it was 9:30 at night by this point.  Lexie was texting me and told me I needed to go eat.  I finally got enough energy to walk myself with my blanket to the living room and curl up on the couch.  My roommates then figured out I hadn’t eaten so they forced me to get up and eat.  I ate though, don’t worry.

Today was the last day of class.  We started by going over First Aid.  We were then given an hour to work on team testing.  One of the other groups lost a person so we had to give up a teammate.  one of the instructors asked for a volunteer and no one was offering.  Therefore she chose a number between 1 and 20.  We lost Jeanne.  For our scenario we scanned into the pool and we had an active drowner in the deep end that Ish caught, then a silhouette was put into the shallow end.  Then we had an unconscious victim to do a quick extraction out of the pool and do CPR and AED on them.  We did super good.  Other teams had to deal with spinals, choking babies, girls arguing over a boyfriend, cannon ball contests, and so on.  You didn’t know what was going to come.  During lunch Ish got snacks and we studied for the written test and CPR.  CPR was the next portion of the test and it was individual.  A lot of people struggled with this test.  We were given 2 tries on every test and the instructor would explain exactly why you didn’t pass so you could improve.  I got a perfect on my adult CPR.  Child was really good, I just hesitated for a second.  Infant was good, I just forgot to check if breaths would go in after dislodging the item from the throat.  I passed though so that was good.  We managed to lose 3 people in the class cuz they didn’t pass on the 2nd try.  We then had our written test and we needed 80%  I got 97% so I passed easily.  One question I missed was about burns and it was a dumb mistake, just a question I took too quickly, and the other question I missed was about poisons.  I knew I should have studied that bit just a  little bit more.  oh well.

After class I talked to my mom for awhile and then took a nap for an hour.  Alicia called complaining about how she got off work super late and missed her bus.  Then Eric happened to appear at my door and I guess Alicia convinced him to get her so I went with Eric to pick her up.  We had a nice little chat on our way over.  It was fun.

We then got ready super quick and went to the formal dance over at Coronado Springs.  It could have been fun but I didn’t enjoy myself all that much.  I don’t know why.  I was tired and their were a lot of people there I didn’t know.

Training is Still Happening.

3 05 2010

SafeD begins with me!!!

yep, being a lifeguard we are on the safety front and have a lot of training to go through.  Today we started our certification stuff so yay for that.  They don’t even do Red Cross.  The company is called Ellis and Associates and they are a bit different so it is entertaining with trying to relearn everything and not be Red Cross.  I guess I am like foreign to people or something. Our teacher in training today asked us who had traveled the furthest and I won with being in Oregon.  People were confused on why I was here.  ok, it is called Disney College Program.  I am technically an intern.  oh well, it makes sense to me at least.  For lunch we were given an hour because their was nothing close by to eat at.  I didn’t have lunch or a car so I decided to take a nap on the beach.  I swear, I put on sunscreen but I think I missed my arms.  Those are pretty burnt.  Class did go well for the most part.  After class I was walking to the bus stop and one of the guys (Joshua) stopped by and decided to give me a ride home.  For all of you that are determined I find a boy down here, it isn’t him.  He is nice and kinda cute but he is not LDS and he is kinda immature.  I”m sorry, I have a little bit of an expectation.

After class I was refusing to do anything.  However, Alicia stopped by and made me hang out with her.  We ended up hanging out with Eric and Kevin and we went to the pool for awhile (dark by this time so my skin could handle it) and then we played Texas Hold’Em.  I totally won.

I guess I should mention things that happened in the last few days.  On Saturday I watched Princess and the Frog with my roommates.  That was nice.  I then went and got my shoes with Eric and Alicia.  I got solid black Teva Sandles. I then went to Hollywood Studios with my roommates.  We decided that we weren’t going to anymore parks on weekends anymore.  It is too busy.  Sunday I worked for a bit and slept for forever and then spent time with my roommate Kimberly and Alicia.

Just a Few Pictures for Your Enjoyment

2 05 2010

Traditions and Training

1 05 2010

Ok, here is updates from the last 2 days.  I know this trip is definitely an adventure and I have so many stories already.  You will all hate hearing about Disney World by the end.  However, I know some people are super proud of me for being here.  It is definitely out of my comfort zone.

So Traditions was good.  It is a class about the disney values.  We even got to walk around Magic Kingdom for a bit.  I think one of the coolest things I learned was the fact that little children love attention.  Like if you see a little girl, call her princess, if she dressed up as a princes, call her by name.  They love it.  I tried it and the little girl was so cute.

After Traditions, Alicia, Eric, and I went to Hollywood Studios to play.  They didn’t have too many fun rides for us but we still had a lot of fun.  Alicia was totally scared at Tower of Terror.  It was kinda funny but I probably shouldn’t admit that.  She would probably blow up at me for it.  We also went and did a little bit over at Epcot.  We had a good day.  Even ate dinner at Cici’s pizza.  Since we played all day we went to the hottub and just relaxed and talked a lot.  It was fun.

I had training yesterday.  Oh my goodness, worst thing of my life.  Pretty much, I stared at a computer screen for 4 hours looking at presentations on things I didn’t care that much about.  I was nodding off part of the time but I made myself stay awake.  When I got back to the apartment my roommates were waiting to go to Typhoon Lagoon.  We had a lot of fun there playing in the wave pool and going on their slides.  We even bought a funnel cake and shared it with each other.

We went to eat dinner at Chick-fil-A and we were just chilling and talking a lot.  This one boy decided to come up to us and introduce himself and asked to sit with us.  He found out we were the BYU students and he was totally ok with that.  Conversation went back to normal stuff and then the missionaries came in.  We went to introduce ourselves and they got our contact info to make sure we would know about church stuff.  The boy (Muhammad) came up and introduced himself to the missionaries and admitted he had been to church once.  We all talked and he agreed to go to church with us sometime.  Most of us have work this week so he is going with Jenna and Dani.  The missionaries told us that since they aren’t aloud in our complexes that when they do discussions, they have a van that they move the seats around in.  That made me laugh so hard because it sounds so sketchy.

Muhammad took us to Magic Kingdom to watch the light parade and wishes (the firework show).  That was a lot of fun.  After that we went and met Sleeping Beauty and Belle.  They could tell we were new CPs and Sleeping Beauty asked him who his princess was.  Lol.  He was so embarrassed and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Yesterday, Alicia and I chose to have a relax day.  We have been running around so much that it was time to take a step back and take it easy so we didn’t do all that much.  I was totally bored in the evening though.  Alicia and Eric were on a date and all of my roommates were out so I ended up going to Downtown Disney and got myself a journal and ice cream.  It was super rich but way good.  When Alicia and Eric were done with their date they decided to come pick me up just to go to walmart and get ice cream.  I wasn’t really needed so I don’t know why they went out of their way just to get me for that.  oh well.

I have no idea what I am going to do today.  I am just waiting for Alicia and my roommates to get home.  Which my roommates just walked in the door.

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