Training is Still Happening.

3 05 2010

SafeD begins with me!!!

yep, being a lifeguard we are on the safety front and have a lot of training to go through.  Today we started our certification stuff so yay for that.  They don’t even do Red Cross.  The company is called Ellis and Associates and they are a bit different so it is entertaining with trying to relearn everything and not be Red Cross.  I guess I am like foreign to people or something. Our teacher in training today asked us who had traveled the furthest and I won with being in Oregon.  People were confused on why I was here.  ok, it is called Disney College Program.  I am technically an intern.  oh well, it makes sense to me at least.  For lunch we were given an hour because their was nothing close by to eat at.  I didn’t have lunch or a car so I decided to take a nap on the beach.  I swear, I put on sunscreen but I think I missed my arms.  Those are pretty burnt.  Class did go well for the most part.  After class I was walking to the bus stop and one of the guys (Joshua) stopped by and decided to give me a ride home.  For all of you that are determined I find a boy down here, it isn’t him.  He is nice and kinda cute but he is not LDS and he is kinda immature.  I”m sorry, I have a little bit of an expectation.

After class I was refusing to do anything.  However, Alicia stopped by and made me hang out with her.  We ended up hanging out with Eric and Kevin and we went to the pool for awhile (dark by this time so my skin could handle it) and then we played Texas Hold’Em.  I totally won.

I guess I should mention things that happened in the last few days.  On Saturday I watched Princess and the Frog with my roommates.  That was nice.  I then went and got my shoes with Eric and Alicia.  I got solid black Teva Sandles. I then went to Hollywood Studios with my roommates.  We decided that we weren’t going to anymore parks on weekends anymore.  It is too busy.  Sunday I worked for a bit and slept for forever and then spent time with my roommate Kimberly and Alicia.




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