5 05 2010

Ok, I am now done with the lifeguard class.  It wore me out like no other.  I even got a sunburn.  I promise, I put sunscreen on.  The UV rays is what gets me.

Day 2 of class consisted of CPR, Trauma Bags, and team scenarios.  My group for the test was Jeanne, Deanna, Chris, and Ish.  Once I got home, I passed out and just had no energy at all.  Like I’m not joking.  I hadn’t eaten all day and it was 9:30 at night by this point.  Lexie was texting me and told me I needed to go eat.  I finally got enough energy to walk myself with my blanket to the living room and curl up on the couch.  My roommates then figured out I hadn’t eaten so they forced me to get up and eat.  I ate though, don’t worry.

Today was the last day of class.  We started by going over First Aid.  We were then given an hour to work on team testing.  One of the other groups lost a person so we had to give up a teammate.  one of the instructors asked for a volunteer and no one was offering.  Therefore she chose a number between 1 and 20.  We lost Jeanne.  For our scenario we scanned into the pool and we had an active drowner in the deep end that Ish caught, then a silhouette was put into the shallow end.  Then we had an unconscious victim to do a quick extraction out of the pool and do CPR and AED on them.  We did super good.  Other teams had to deal with spinals, choking babies, girls arguing over a boyfriend, cannon ball contests, and so on.  You didn’t know what was going to come.  During lunch Ish got snacks and we studied for the written test and CPR.  CPR was the next portion of the test and it was individual.  A lot of people struggled with this test.  We were given 2 tries on every test and the instructor would explain exactly why you didn’t pass so you could improve.  I got a perfect on my adult CPR.  Child was really good, I just hesitated for a second.  Infant was good, I just forgot to check if breaths would go in after dislodging the item from the throat.  I passed though so that was good.  We managed to lose 3 people in the class cuz they didn’t pass on the 2nd try.  We then had our written test and we needed 80%  I got 97% so I passed easily.  One question I missed was about burns and it was a dumb mistake, just a question I took too quickly, and the other question I missed was about poisons.  I knew I should have studied that bit just a  little bit more.  oh well.

After class I talked to my mom for awhile and then took a nap for an hour.  Alicia called complaining about how she got off work super late and missed her bus.  Then Eric happened to appear at my door and I guess Alicia convinced him to get her so I went with Eric to pick her up.  We had a nice little chat on our way over.  It was fun.

We then got ready super quick and went to the formal dance over at Coronado Springs.  It could have been fun but I didn’t enjoy myself all that much.  I don’t know why.  I was tired and their were a lot of people there I didn’t know.




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