Happy Day!!!

7 05 2010

So yesterday and today were my days off.  It was super nice to have a little bit of time off.  I was really stressing myself out.  Ok, I lied.  I am still stressing out.  I still have a ton more training to go through.  I want to punch somebody cuz of it.

Yesterday I slept in and then went to Pop Century to pick up my costume.  I promise I will get a picture on here soon. The bus driver was totally cool.  I was the only one on the bus so he offered to take me straight to Pop Century.  It would have been the last stop so I was happy to not have to sit on the bus that long.  Also, costume is disney code for uniform so it was my lifeguard clothes.  I got a couple swim suits and then shorts and polos and a pair of pants.  Then I went to Walmart to do grocery shopping.  By the time I got home, Jenna was home and we watched Princess Diaries while I worked on writing in my journal.  It was about dinner time at this point so I made chicken and rice stuff and fed most of my roommates plus Eric.  I told Alicia to eat also but she kinda failed at that.  The rest of the evening was pretty chill but I was excited at how productive I was throughout the day.

Today I went to Blizzard Beach with Alicia, Kimberly, Kevin, Rahul, and Eric.  It was a ton of fun for sure.  Some of the highlights included our ice cream (picture below).  Like they take little sandcastle buckets and fill it with soft serve ice cream and then add hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, waffle pieces, and lots of goodness.  It was huge and we got 2 of them since their were six of us.  We did most of the rides and also just relaxed in the cross country river.  Their was this super cute girl who told me to splash her dad.  I just got his feet but I then told her to splash our boys.  She totally attacked Eric.  It was super funny.  We were all commenting that he finally was able to get a girlfriend (yep, love ya too bud) but I think Rahul got a little bit jealous.  We were coming around this corner and the lifeguard was James.  I met him last week at my orientation so I was kinda yelling that I knew him.  James loved the attention but Rahul and Eric were wrestling so James told them to keep it PG and if they really wanted to kiss, to do it under water.  Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard.  Eric’s comment and I quote “Now I love little girls and Men”  He will try to deny it, but don’t believe him.  We also saw Merri.  She is my roommate and she was working today.

After we got home from Blizzard Beach we ended up playing Imagine If and watching Cast Away.

It was a good couple days but I gotta head to bed now.  I got work in the morning and my uncle is coming into town so I am supposed to do dinner with him and his friends.

Me, Kimberly, Alicia, Rahul, and Kevin with our buckets of ice cream goodness.  Eric was taking the picture.




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