Breakfast with a Prince

31 07 2010

So coolest morning ever.  First of all.  The title doesn’t have a special thing to it.  So don’t get too excited.

My friend, Jason, has his family in town and he is only able to get 3 people in with his main gate pass so he needed help with getting the rest of the family into the park.  Because I was the only person to offer to help I was getting the family in today and tomorrow they decided to get me on their breakfast reservation.  This wasn’t just a normal reservation.  They took me to Cinderella’s Royal Table inside Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom.

I should say we had a rough start for sure.  I don’t know why but I set my alarm for 7:30 when I had promised Jason I would be at Magic Kingdom at 8.  So I dashed out of bed and I was out the door in less than 5 minutes.  However, I missed the bus and had to wait for the next one.  I got on the next bus to the ticket and transportation center and managed to barely miss the monorail that was there.  I don’t know how but I got to Magic Kingdom at 8:27 when the reservation was at 8:25.  We were still just fine.  We got there and we were escorted in to meet Cinderella before going up to eat.  They gave us choices of scrambled eggs, sausage, and potato stuff, granola cereal, or stuffed french toast.  Oh my goodness.  I had the french toast and it was amazing.

All of the princesses went around to all of the tables to meet everyone and take pictures.  They brought all of the boys swords and were calling them princes.  Jason was even called a prince.  After breakfast we went to ride peter pan, splash mountain, and its a small world.  They then took me to work.

I think the coolest part of the morning were the friends I made.  Jason had his aunt, her 2 sons, daughter in law and 3 grandsons.  Ben is like 7 and he was picking on me a lot near the end with his sword.  I finally got to the point that I tackled him, took the sword and “cut off” his leg.  Logan is 5 and he is still shy.  Then Zack was the little one.  We had fun together for sure.  tickling him, hiding from each other, poking each other’s noses, and then pointing at everything.  I can’t wait to see them all in the morning.  We are going to animal kingdom.  I need to remember my camera this time.




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