20 08 2010

Today is just a thought post.  I know at school I am encouraged to be honest.  Honest in my school work, but also honest in all of dealings with fellow men.  BYU isn’t there just to make me smarter, it is there to help me build my character and how I will honor my beliefs.

Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist

Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is a better defense

A true friend will tell you the truth to your face – not behind your back

If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything

We tell lies when we are afraid… afraid of what we don’t know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us.  But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger.

The Empty Pot

The honesty story
.Long ago, in a faraway kingdom, there lived an Emperor who loved nature. Anything he planted burst into bloom. Up came flowers, bushes and even big fruit trees, as if by magic! Of everything in nature, he loved flowers most of all, and he tended his own garden every day. But the emperor was very old, and he needed to choose a successor to the throne. Who would his successor be? And how would the emperor decide? As the emperor loved flowers so much, he decided flowers would help him choose.

The next day, a proclamation was issued: “All men, women, boys and girls throughout the land are to come to the palace.” The news created great excitement throughout the land.

In a village not far from here, there lived a young girl named Serena. Serena had always wanted to visit the palace and see the Emperor, and so she decided to go. She was glad she went. How magnificent the palace was! It was made from gold and studded with jewels of every colour and type – diamonds, rubies, emeralds, opals and amethysts. How the palace gleamed and sparkled! Serena felt that she had always known this place. She walked through the palace doors into the Great Hall, where she was overwhelmed by all the people. It was so noisy. “The whole kingdom must be here!” she thought.

There then arrived the sound of at least a hundred trumpets, announcing the arrival of the emperor. All fell silent. The Emperor entered, clutching what looked like a small box. How fine he looked – so noble and elegant! He circled the Great Hall, greeting every person and presenting something to each one. Serena was curious about the small box. “What was inside?” she wondered. “What was he giving to everyone?”

At last, the Emperor reached Serena. She curtsied and then watched as the Emperor reached into the small box and presented her with a flower seed. When Serena received the seed, she became the happiest girl of all.

Then the sound of trumpets filled the Great Hall once more, and all became silent. The Emperor announced: “Whoever can show me the most beautiful flowers in a year’s time will succeed me to the throne!”

Serena left for home filled with wonder over the palace and the Emperor, clutching the flower seed carefully in her hand. She was certain she could grow the most beautiful flower. She filled a flowerpot with rich soil, planted the seed carefully and watered it every day. She couldn’t wait to see it sprout, grow and blossom into a magnificent flower!

Days passed, but nothing grew in the pot. Serena was worried. She transferred the seed into a bigger pot; filled it with the best quality, richest soil she could find; and watered it twice a day, every day. Days, weeks and months passed, but still nothing happened. By and by the whole year passed. Finally spring came, and it was time to return once more to the palace. Serena was heartbroken that she had no flower to show the Emperor, not even a little sprout. She thought that everyone would laugh at her because all she had to show for the whole year’s effort was a pot of lifeless soil. How could she face the Emperor with nothing?

Her friend stopped by on his way to the palace, holding a great big flower. “Serena! You’re not going to the Emperor with an empty pot, are you?” said the friend. “Couldn’t you grow a great big flower like mine?” Serena’s father, having overheard this, put his arm around Serena and consoled her. “It is up to you whether you go or not,” said the father. “You did your best, Serena, and your best is good enough to present to the Emperor.”

Even though she felt reluctant to go, Serena also knew she must not disrespect the Emperor’s wishes. Besides, she also wanted to see the Emperor and the palace again. And so, Serena traveled once more to the palace, holding the pot of soil in her hands.

The Emperor was happy to see the Great Hall filled with his subjects, all proudly displaying their beautiful flowers, all eagerly hoping to be chosen. How beautiful all the flowers were! Flowers were of every shape, size and colour. The Emperor examined each flower carefully and thoroughly, one by one. Serena, who was hiding in a corner with her head bowed down, wondered how he could choose, since they were all so lovely. Finally, the Emperor came to Serena. She dared not look at him. “Why did you bring an empty pot?” the Emperor asked Serena. “Your majesty,” said Serena. “I planted the seed you gave me and I watered it every day, but it didn’t sprout. I put it in a better pot with better soil, but still it didn’t sprout. I tended it all year long, but nothing grew. So today I brought an empty pot without a flower. It was the best I could do.”

When the Emperor heard those words, a smile spread slowly over his face, and he took Serena by the hand. Serena was frightened. She wondered if she were in some sort of trouble.

The Emperor led her to the front of the Great Hall, and turning to the crowd, he exclaimed: “I have found my successor – the person worthy of ruling after me!”

Serena was puzzled. “But, your majesty,” she said, “I have no flower, just this pot of lifeless earth.”

”Yes, I expected that,” said the Emperor. “From where everyone else got their seeds, I do not know. The seeds I gave everyone last year had all been roasted. It would have been impossible for any of them to grow. Serena, I admire your great courage and honesty top appear before me with the truth. I reward you with my entire kingdom. You will be the next Empress.”




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20 08 2010
Eric Petersen

Honesty really is the best policy.

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