22 Years Gone By

22 09 2010

So yes, I just finished celebrating my 22nd birthday.

It was an amazing day for sure.

We will start with the fact that I got up for class on time and started getting ready.  I managed to check my email and my teacher had sent an email saying class was canceled for today because he was sick.  I’m sorry he was sick but it was a nice present to me.  We were supposed to have a quiz today so not only did I get out of a quiz, I got out of the only class I had today.

So I was out and about in the apartment and my roommate, Eimi, made me coffee cake.  If I had to attend class it would have been perfect timing to still be on time.  However, I got to chill for a bit at the apartment.

I then had planned to do Devotional with Jackie.  The speaker this week was Gordon Smith who is actually from my home ward in Oregon.  I have such a great respect for him.  He is a great speaker and I think he is a great guy.  So Jackie came to get me from the Tanner building and then told me that she would like to watch it in the Talmage building so she could eat her lunch.  I was totally fine with that.  So we were walking into the Talmage auditorium, we ran into a friend from my old ward.  Chris was saying hi to me when all of a sudden my roommates ambushed me and blind folded me.  They then dragged me off to a classroom.  They had a small party for me with all of the roommates and a tub of ice cream that we ate straight out of the tub.  Nate came to watch it with us.  Gordon Smith did a great job speaking and I was proud to say that I was part of his community.

I then walked around in the Museum of Art with Jill.  She told me how I made it somewhat difficult for the kidnapping.  She wasn’t ready for me to be home when she was getting ready so as soon as I left she had to get ready real fast and make it up campus before I did.  Good thing I walked.

Then nap time.

I just talked with people for awhile.  Then Jill made homemade pizza for dinner group and fed me also.  Eimi made carrot cake and a few people came over to celebrate with me.  Then Jackie, Jill, Nate, and I watched little videos people have made.  We enjoyed it.

So yes, I am 22 and I love life right now.




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