It is coming…

15 10 2010

dun dun dun (creepy music)

ok, so I know Halloween is coming up but this isn’t scary or creepy at all.  So school has been pretty stressful since I have a bunch of business like classes.  I have to speak with my advisor before registering for classes for winter semester so I went in the other day.  I got a nice surprise.  I only have 9 credits left.  Oh my goodness, I will for sure graduate in April.  Well I will still have to do my final internship but I will go into that more in a bit.  My mom wants me to be a full time student still so I have to find some fun classes to get me to at least 12 credits.  I am looking at taking golf since that is valuable in anything business like.  Then I am also looking at diving, bowling, flower arranging, photography, or a religion class.  I don’t want anything too stressful while I finish up my program and find my internship.

Ok, so the internship.  I am wanting to do Parks and Recreation and Aquatics.  Most parks and recreation departments like having people with aquatics experience because that is killing two birds with one stone.  I have been looking at some communities in Oregon and Washington.  Utah is on my list in case I need to stay here.  I think I may look into Florida, Maryland, and New York.  I don’t know where else yet.  I will also apply for the disney one too.  If anyone knows of a good community striving for a good parks and recreation department, please tell me.  I would love to get into a good program.



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