18 10 2010

This weekend has not normal.  I don’t understand why but yea.

Friday-went to CLAS ropes to learn everything they have for our risk management plan.  Not too weird.  it will be an interesting assignment though.  After that I did homework for a bit and then work.  Can I say I wanted to punch someone.  I was busy the entire time helping people and just trying to get everything done.  However, I had the least amount of sales that day even though the other side only sold about $50 worth.  That coworker took credit for a number of my sales.  I was kinda ticked.  I was trying to stay calm though cuz I got 2 charges and that is good.  I was complaining to nate afterwards and he asked me how the savior would have treated me.  well of course the savior wouldn’t be stealing my work.  I don’t know if he meant if the savior was in my spot, that probably would have been better.  I then went to see Lex and she was at a boy’s apartment watching Nacho Libre so I joined even though I only knew Lex and her roommate, Catherine.  It was good though.  Then Nate decided he wanted to come over and watch a movie with me.  We had decided on The Incredibles and just waiting for him to show up when this random girl shows up at our apartment just wanting to vent.  Slightly awkward but it turned out ok.  Nate offered for her to watch the movie with us and she did.

Saturday- worked 8.25 hours.  While at work, I noticed a red spot on my arm, it was warm on contact.  The thing that got worried was the lines going away from the spot.  My first aid knowledge told me that wasn’t good.  So I showed it to my coworkers.  They all have had a number of kids and Holly and Carol both decided it didn’t look good at all so I was instructed to put neosporin on it and take sudafed.  If it didn’t behave I was to get it checked out.  My arm went down a bit for swelling but got really sore.  After work I called my mom and she said to wait til the next day.  I took Nate to the store so he could teach me about the diet he is on.  I told him about the bite and everything.  he seemed concerned and told me to keep him updated.  got home and I was talking to ron on the phone when I realized that I felt feverish and I decided to get help right then.  So I was sudden and got off the phone and my dad called right then.  He wanted me to not wait also so I told him I was getting on that right then.  I tried calling my home teachers and neither one answered.  I finally called Nate just crying and told him I was going to the hospital that night and wanted a blessing before I left.  He dropped everything he was doing and came right then.  He also insisted on going with me.  My roommate, Eimi, also decided to come with us. So the doctors said we wont know what bit me but I have an infection under the skin so I have to take antibiotics and some pain meds.  We then went to Walgreens to get the drugs.  The whole trip took 2 hours.  That is nothing compared to what it could have been. Nate did say a lot of ppl showed up after I did so I’m grateful that Eimi and Nate came with me (I’m sure they had a bit of fun since they learned they both know german), that I went when I did, and it wasn’t more serious.  The thing is, if I waited, it could have been serious.

Sunday-had to print off the relief society bulletin (which I didn’t do the night before thanks to the time spent at the hospital) and was late to church.  I am never late to church.  Nate came and sat with me in sacrament meeting still (sunday school too).  I finally got set apart and got home taught and visit taught.  My arm was killing me a good chunk of the day.  My dad called to say that my grandma was in the hospital with cancer and is refusing treatment.  That is sad.  I feel like it is time but that doesn’t make it easier.  We will see how things go.  Being on meds is an adventure though.  Oh goodness, sometimes I would say things that I wouldn’t normally say without thinking.  oh well, I have my excuse.

bed time for me.  I need to feel better soon.  pray for me.




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